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Year 3 - Fox Class


Class Teacher - Mr Berry

Class Teaching Assistants - Mrs Seaman and Mrs Saiyai

Reading Helper - Mr Stone (Mondays and Thursday PM)


Summer Term 1

Firstly, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break, are fully refreshed and not too full on all the chocolate that the Easter Bunny brought you!


So far this year, you have all worked extremely hard and produced some excellent work throughout all the lessons we have covered. I really want to continue to help you all grow and be the best that you can be, so I promise to work hard to make sure that you can do that.Together we can make sure that we all show our brilliance!


Just some refreshers...

  • Make sure that you have your PE kit in everyday!
  • If parents would like to speak to me then make a note in the diary and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  • Hopefully the weather is going to continue to improve, so make sure you have a named water bottle in school all the time.
  • Swimming - please do not bring swimming kits in until I have given the message to as, we don't have enough cloakroom space.
  • Lastly, make sure that all clothing is labelled with a name clearly, as I am not responsible if your child misplaces an item.


I am excited to see all of you when we return to school, make sure you have an early night and are ready to get back to learning!


Mr Berry


History - Ancient Egypt


We will be becoming Historians yet again, this time heading in our time machine back to Ancient Egypt and learning about the timeline of events that took place. We will delve into the landscape of Ancient Egypt and look how that impacted the lives of the people and their way of live comparing it to ours. We will also how Egyptians used pyramids, tombs and burial sites throughout the time period. Finally, we will learn about artefacts, their importance to understanding about the time period and also the most influential artefact that was discovered, Tutankhamen. 



Science - Light and Shadows

Torches, Tombs and Timekeepers


Time to be Scientists!

For Science this term, we will be using our amazing topic to link and understand both Science and History together. We will be looking at the topic of lights and shadows. We will be trying to understand what light is, why we need it and how it reflects. We will also explore light sources and the difference between day and night and finally, we will be investigating shadows. We will look at how and why they are formed and also how they changed throughout the day. During Science, we will create and complete a glossary of lots of different Scientific vocabulary to help us with our learning.



P.E - Rounders and Athletics


We will be focusing on rounders and athletics throughout this term, learning the skills and practical elements to both areas of sport. For rounders, we will continue to develop throwing and catching skills, ball hitting skills and the fielding element of the game, leading into rules, scoring and then playing mini-games that the children will enjoy. For athletics, we will focus more on the techniques and stamina that will improve areas such as running (short and long distance), hurdles, javelin, discuss and long jump.


All PE lessons will include a warm-up and cool down and all children need to make sure that they have their PE kits in school EVERYDAY!



D.T - Sandwich Snacks

Our D.T topic links closely with the Science work that the children have looked into previously and is a good way to broaden knowledge and understanding about different types of foods. We will be looking into designing, creating and evaluating our perfect sandwich snack. We will be looking at food groups and categorising the different food options. We will be blind food tasting different breads and fillings for textures, tastes and flavours and then using all our knowledge to create the ultimate sandwich snack. 


PARENTS - Could you please ensure that all children have an up-to-date medical form in school and could you please pay your class fund so that I am able to provide the different options for the children. Thank you in advance.




Music - 'Bringing us Together'

Each week, children will be listening and learning songs, learn how to create musical activities and play instruments. They will also learn to sing and perform different songs from around the world. 'Bringing us Together' will cover pop, R&B, classical/film, musical, motown and soul music. We will also be learning our songs for the Easter Service held with White Waltham at our local church.




R.E - What is the Bible?

We will be looking at the Bible in lots of detail and focusing on its importance to Christians, how it is used at home and in church, learn about the different kinds of writing and why they are all important, learn why the book is special to lots of different people, learn about the different aspects of God through the genres and investigate the old and new testament.





Punctuality - Please remember that the children should be at school for 8.40am and if they are not in school before 8.50am, they will be registered with a late mark. Having your child arrive on time means that they can settle in ready for the school day.


Class Fund - Each term we ask for a small voluntary contribution of £2, which helps provide extra resources that the children will use for subjects like art and design. Thank you in advance.


P.E Kits - Please can your child have a pair of named t-shirt, hoodie, jogging bottoms, shorts and footwear kept in school ready for P.E sessions. Some lessons will be outside, depending on the weather! Our P.E slots will be on a Monday and Friday, however these are subject to change, so make sure that you have a P.E kit in school everyday.


Jumpers - Please make sure that your child has their name in their jumper and that you remind them that they are responsible for looking after their jumpers. If they take it off a break time, I give them a chance to go and collect it whilst we line up. If it is misplaced around the school then they will have the opportunity to look, but it is important for your child to take responsibility for all their belongings.


Snacks - Please remember that the children are allowed a healthy snack for break times, this could be a piece of fruit or vegetables. Please do not bring in nuts. We have a fruit tray for them to be kept until break times, in the classroom. We do not have afternoon snack in Year 3.


Pencil Cases - Children in Year 3 can bring in their own pencil case. It can include the following: writing pencils, a ruler, a rubber, a sharpener and colouring pencils. All equipment needs to be named and the children need to take FULL responsibility for their own equipment. 



Brain Builders


   ~ Will be set every fortnight, then every week from Term 3.

     ~ Will be based on what we are doing in class.

       ~ Will consist of a main task and/or a spelling, reading and maths task.

         ~ Brain builders will be given on a Monday.

           ~ We will show off your Brain Builders in class.



Excellent pieces of homework will be displayed in class and may even make it onto this class page!


Everyone that completes their brain builder task will be awarded Dojo points!!