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END OF TERM ****** FRIDAY 19TH JULY 2019 @ 2PM ******

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Welcome to Wolves Class (Y6)

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Our team:

Mr Affleck (Class teacher), Mrs Kingston (Class TA), Mrs. Bishop (Class TA), Mrs Levitt (Class TA) 


Welcome back Wolves!



Hello from WOLVES



Hello. Welcome to term 6, our final term as Year 6 Wolves. The children did so well with their SATS. They worked very well towards their tests. They showed real maturity and application during their tests and were able to enjoy their week after SATS. Congratulations to Year 6 Wolves for not only the last few weeks, but for what they achieved throughout this year!

Moving into this final term, there is still much to do. Our writing will be continuing and we shall begin this, combining looking at both poetry and non-fiction writing through examining persuasive reports, their main features and their main purpose.

Poems are a creative and imaginative form of writing which convey meaning and strong imagery. The children will be developing deeper appreciation of traditional poems and exploring their meanings. As with last term, it remains vital in Year 6 that the children read as much as they can. Reading in the curriculum which was introduced for the Year 6 SATS of 2015-2016, is of the utmost importance. Reading influences so much in all that the children do. It greatly influences their writing, increases appreciation and understanding of both Topic and Science subjects and, in particular, word and everyday problems.  Please ensure that you child is reading as much as they can, both fiction and non-fiction. Wolves will be continuing with their Reading Challenge of reading texts from 12 different styles. It is important that they undertake this at home to continue to expand their worlds but also, to win that ultimate prize.  

Our topic this half term will continue to be Yosemite Nation Park in the USA. This is an engaging topic which strives to encourage children to think about this wonderful environment. It introduces this area to the children and strives to help them develop a deeper understanding of mountain environments and their true beauty.  



PE- At the moment, our outdoor slot for P.E. remains Friday afternoons, while indoor P.E. is Wednesday afternoons but please continue to  monitor this information as the timetable may change. Please ensure that all the correct PE kits are in school for these days. Swimming begins this term and will be Monday afternoons. Please ensure that the children have their swimming equipment in on Mondays.


Punctuality-  It is vital that children be in school for 8:50. If a child is not in by this time then they will have to be marked as late. It is imperative that are on time as this allows for greater learning time for them. 


TripsGo Ape - 17.07.2019; Reading Museum - TBC


Homework- Homework will be handed out on Thursdays and will be due in the following Thursday for marking. The homework will be used to support and consolidate what the children have been learning. We will then be going through the homework to check any misunderstandings of any learning. The homework will consist of both Maths and English as well as spellings. Also, please ensure that the children are reading at home as this will really help them. 


Please check our resources and continue to check as we will be adding more through the course of the term.




Come back to us soon to additions about what we have been up to.



Have a great term!


Mr Affleck smiley