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Welcome to Wolves Class (Y6)

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Mr Affleck (Class teacher), Mrs Kingston (Class TA), Mrs. Bishop (Class TA) 


Welcome back Wolves!



Hello from WOLVES



Welcome back half term. Wasn’t it fabulous to have a half term when the sun put in the occasional appearance and the temperatures rose above the near freezing. I am sure many of you know that my batteries are charged through sun and warmth. Horary! This term sees us enter spring officially so we shall be embracing all that this brings with it.

This term also brings with it the motoring up in terms of both new learning and revision. Our class timetable will be packed with continuing to develop understanding of skills, techniques and knowledge as well as underpinning what we know already and deepening our understanding of these areas.

We start the new half term in English with an English unit based upon and inspired by film narratives. will be examining the short animated film The Piano by Aiden Gibbons. This is a beautiful short film an offers the opportunity for the children to develop very strong, empathetic writing in character. I urge you to watch the film yourselves so that you can fully appreciate the writing that the children will be creating. This has always proven to be an extremely popular unit and one which inspires the children to write descriptively and creatively.

Once this unit is complete, we will be examining Persuasive writing. This will involve developing clear appreciation of the requirements of how to develop and present a persuasive text. The children will draft formal letters, take part in debates and advance their use of appropriate persuasive language and vocabulary. This will clearly impact upon all of their writing and language both immediately and into the future.

Our topic this half term will be Yosemite National Park. This is an engaging topic which strives to encourage children to think about the beauty and wonder of this magnificent place. The children will begin to appreciate the enormity of this phenomenon. They will look into how its history has been appreciated by humans now and in the past. I have been extremely fortunate to witness this. Without question it remains a place of inspiration, a place of tranquillity and amazement, a place of inexhaustible wonder. I hope that the thrill that I experienced when I looked upon this place will inspire the children.

So it is clear that we are in for a busy term. A term which brings hard work, a term which brings new experiences and a term which brings deepened understanding.



PE- At the moment, our outdoor slot for P.E. remains Friday afternoons, while indoor P.E. is Wednesday afternoons but please continue to  monitor this information as the timetable may change. Please ensure that all the correct PE kits are in school for these days.


Punctuality-  It is vital that children be in school for 8:50. If a child is not in by this time then they will have to be marked as late. It is imperative that are on time as this allows for greater learning time for them. 


Trips-  March 21st - Easter Cracked


Homework- Homework will be handed out on Thursdays and will be due in the following Thursday for marking. The homework will be used to support and consolidate what the children have been learning. We will then be going through the homework to check any misunderstandings of any learning. The homework will consist of both Maths and English as well as spellings. Also, please ensure that the children are reading at home as this will really help them. 


Please check our resources and continue to check as we will be adding more through the course of the term.




Come back to us soon to additions about what we have been up to.



Have a great term!


Mr Affleck smiley