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We are looking forward to welcoming back our Key Worker Children and Year Six on Monday 1st June. Nursery, Reception and Year One will be returning on 8th June.

Welcome to Woodlands Park Primary & Nursery School

Welcome to our school website. We hope you find it interesting and informative.


Dormice Home Learning

The children have been taking on their weekly challenges whilst they have been at home and sharing all of their fantastic learning with us. Here are some of the things that they have been doing.


Dormice Children

As we are unfortunately unable to be together at the moment please continue to make lots of memories and engage in learning opportunities at home. Here are some useful websites, tips and ideas for your parents/carers to use with you. Make the most of the time you are at home and make the most of learning through your play!


Mrs Scarvaci 



**Please Remember**

Most of our learning takes place through play based learning and experiences. Our children are active learners, born inquisitive and like to explore. Whilst they are at home with you encourage them to have a go, use their own ideas, take risks and be proud and confident to use their own knowledge to explore the world around them. Please do not feel your child must 'sit and learn' for you to be teaching them, learning takes place in everything that they do, it is our jobs to facilitate their learning, extend and explore with them. 


Each week I will upload a new Nursery Challenge Grid. This will include 9 ideas and activities that we may plan and do with the children when they are at Nursery, but also the children learn on the go, everything that they do there is an opportunity to learn! I will share a story and relatable activities for you to challenge your children and also upload some daily ideas that you may want to try. I have uploaded some downloadable materials on the home learning section (Accessed via- Children, Home Learning- you must use the login sent to you via parent mail) It would be lovely for the children to choose at least one (although the more the better!) of these to do whilst they are at home with you. Please use Tapestry to upload the learning that is taking place at home. I would love to see what you have been getting up to at home. 

Weekly Challenge Boards- Please find these and other downloadable materials in the home learning section


Daily Activity Ideas- Look in the home learning section for Dormice Class- ***Updated Weekly***



Fine motor

Fine motor development is a key part of early mark making, developing and refining the skills and strength to hold mark making tools, pens and pencils effectively. I have uploaded some fine motor ideas for you in the files section to promote this at home. Also Pinterest have some great, simple and effective activities to target fine motor skills and I will add these to the daily activities you can do.

Mark Making

Mark making can be done anywhere and everywhere and doesn't have to involve a pen and paper at the table! Be creative with your child when mark making, some children love a pen and paper some need more encouragement and therefore using water and paintbrushes on the wall outside, making marks in flour, chalking on the floor are all forms of making their own marks. Children's mark making is their expression, their own interpretations and their ideas- be excited by their works of art, encourage them to draw things that they like, use colour for a purpose and notice pattern and detail in what they do, celebrate and talk about their achievements with them and then share their marvellous mark making with us on Tapestry too!  



Reading is vital to story comprehension, imagination and language development. Reading with your child is extremely important and sharing a love for books and storytelling is an underpinning element of developing literacy knowldege (as well as quality time with your child!) Please share at least one book with your child every day, talk to them about it, use different voices, encourage them to join in with repitition and make up sound effects! Telling a story incorporates so many areas of learning and is invaluable to children. Please see the Story comprehension document which gives you some ideas of the questions you can ask your child about the story as it is being read and then at the end- this helps to develop their comprehension and demonstrate their understanding of the text. 


As well as books, websites can be used for reading:



Children need to learn many skills before they are phonics ready! We use letters and sounds phase 1 as a guideline to support us in planning activities for the children to develop these skills and become phonics ready! I have uploaded the letters and sounds document where there are weekly plans and aspects to target- these aspects outline activities to complete with the children- make them as creative and engaging as you can for them but more importantly a lot of these things can be done when you''re doing things throughout the day and they're probably being done without even knowing it! These may also need to be repeated numerous times before the children are able to refine that skill. 


See the Pre Reading and Writing Skills document for some ideas of how to support your child. 


We talk a lot about initial sounds and rhyming at Nursery. The children have been particularly interested in asking "what is that ones sound?" with regard to people, objects and especially at snack time! They then are keen to link it to our sound cards within the classroom. Please do keep this up with them- it is a quick and easy way to develop sound awareness and introduce the children to letters. 


**If your child is due to start reception in September 2020**

We have began introducing some of those children to some short phonics based teaching. We are following the Read Write Inc scheme- the same as Reception and Key Stage 1. Our main aim is to familiarise the children with the speed sounds, saying them phonetically and recognising the letter and corresponding pictures to support the letter formation. We were also matching pictures by their initial sound to the correct letter. If the children were confident-some would give the writing aspect a go too! Find a copy of the RWI letters and their formation rhyme in the uploaded documents list. You may also find Youtube useful to demonstrate how to pronounce the sound correctly as these must be pronounced as a pure sound




Maths is everywhere! Use those household opportunities to explore maths and problem solve. Count at every opportunity with your child, down the steps, counting out the cutlery, count the seconds it takes to do something etc.. Use songs with your child to count, play with their toys and sort into colour, size, shape; make comparisons and use positional language. Go on a shape hunt in the house, do a puzzle or make some shapes with cocktail sticks, maybe measure your family and see who is the tallest/shortest person. You can find Maths all around your house, scaffold your child and expose them to the language and concepts.


Use the Maths in and around the Home sheet in the download section to give you some ideas. - Maths activities - we often use this website for maths games 


Songs and Rhymes 

Singing and expressing ourselves through music is another important part of our day. The children develop confidence and language as well as rhythm and rhyme through songs and nursery rhymes and singing time is a part of the day they all look forward to- although quite often we will have performances and musical requests throughout the morning! Our singing times vary from traditional nursery rhymes to using props, action songs on youtube,CD songs and sometimes even their Disney favourites or ballet lessons, all quite often with instruments thrown in too! Please continue to enjoy music and movement at home it plays an important role in supporting many areas of your child's development.




 Welcome to Dormice Class Page

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In Dormice class we base our planning and activities each week on what the children are interested in and have been doing in nursery at that time. This means that our themes are likely to regularly change in line with the children's ever changing ideas and interests! Please check your child's diary for updates on some of the group activities that we will be doing in Nursery each week and keep an eye out for additions to the displays and things around the classroom that the children have been doing.







In our setting


The session runs from 08:40-11:45: Monday- Friday term time only. The children can start at our nursery with two year old funding at 2 years 9 months old or the term following their 3rd birthday, when they are entitled to 15 hours of Early Education Funding. 


The children in our setting are encouraged to make their own choices and develop key skills within our enabling environment that allows them to learn and progress. We aim to make all the children feel valued as part of our nursery and foundation stage and ensure that the learning environment reflects the creativity, interests, thoughts and needs of all of our children. 


Within our setting we promote free flow play between nursery, reception class and our outside area. The children have free choice of varied activities throughout the morning that reflect the interests of the children and the majority of our planning is implemented 'in the moment' to capture the children when they are most interested in a topic. Within our carefully planned environment we make an effort to carry out a selection of cooking and craft activities throughout the term with the children. This all being based on the needs of our children, enabling them to learn through both child initiated and adult focussed activities. These are all planned recognising their stages of development to encourage meaningful learning opportunities-This means that each week (and day) will be different!


Lunch Club


Our Nursery lunch club runs from 11:45-13:00 every day. The cost of lunch includes a freshly prepared hot dinner with 2x options per day- the hot dinner choices follow the same menu for the whole school. The costing also includes the 1 hour and 15 minutes care of the children. During this time the children will have their lunch in the nursery classroom and then access the outdoor area with reception children and be supervised by the nursery staff. 


All children are allowed to stay for lunch and we require parents to notify an adult on the morning by registering their names. Currently our lunch is open for 12 children per day and this is on a first come, first served basis. Payments for lunch must be paid on sQuid and there must be sufficient funds in the catering purse before a booking can be accepted. 


If your child has just started Nursery we would like them to be settled in prior to starting staying for lunch. Please speak to the nursery staff to discuss this further if necessary.


Group Activities


During the week the children participate in small group activities. This time is used to promote peer to peer learning as well as an opportunity for the adults to develop and extend the children’s knowledge. These activities are planned to encourage a variety of skills and learning opportunities, linking to the relevant development matters statements outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage and also the Letters and Sounds programme.


Outdoor Learning Day


On a Thursday morning we take advantage of our fantastic woodland area for some outdoor learning for the morning. The children use the great outdoors to explore the world around them, take risks and work together. The woods encourages imagination, team building and physical activity. We use this area all year round so appropriate clothing is necessary!


Observations and Next Steps in Learning


In our Foundation Stage we complete observations using the Tapestry Online Learning Journal software on ipads, children will have incidental observations taken by a member of the team throughout the week which are uploaded onto their own individual profiles. Parents are given access to these through a password protected login that is specific for your child and you can download the Tapestry app on your phones. On this you will be able to view some of the things your child has been doing and some of their next steps in learning. 


In Nursery you will also receive a progress report three times per year where you will be informed about your child's progress, what they are enjoying at Nursery and any encourages you to add any comments and learning that your child has been doing at home. At these times you will also be given an opportunity to look at your child's learning journey and share this with your child. 


We operate an open door policy in our Nursery and actively encourage you to share your thoughts and questions with us at any time during your child's time in our setting. Your child is our priority and we endeavour to put their needs and learning at the centre of our practice.


At Home 


Please encourage everyday learning opportunities at home with your child, the ‘Activities to encourage number and communication skills at home and pre reading and writing skills’ sheets are included in your child’s diary for some basic ideas. Please also continue to promote fine motor and mark making activities at home. Children learn best during meaningful daily opportunities and challenges, not just at home but also within their local environment where they are able to make links, test their ideas and build upon their previous learning, this will enable them to grow and develop as a whole child.


We are always grateful for ideas, anything you have that links to our learning or anything that your child would like to complete in nursery. Please send any items in (labelled with your child’s name) so that they can share them with their peers. 





Please see our Foundation Stage information document for the list of uniform we ask the children to wear in Nursery.

The children have access to the nature area as well as outdoors during all weather conditions. Please bring in wellies for your child so that they are able to go outdoors during these times and use all learning environments.


***Please ensure that all of your child's school uniform is clearly labelled and that their outerwear is suitable for the weather as the children will have access to the outside area for a majority of the session. ***


They must also have a named water bottle for use throughout the morning.


If you have any questions, ideas or worries we are always keen to hear from you and will try to help in any way that we can.


Mrs Scarvaci, Mrs Bowden and Ms Carmody