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Year 3 - Fox Class


Class Teacher - Mrs Malcolm

Class Teaching and Learning Assistant - Mrs Bishop

Reading Helper - Mr Stone (Mondays and Thursday PM)


Autumn Term 1

We hope you all had a wonderful Summer holiday and are raring to go in Year Three.  


Check out this page for updates of what we will be studying this term in Foxes Class.




Just a few reminders:

  • Make sure that you have your PE kit in everyday!
  • If parents would like to speak to me then make a note in the diary and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  • Lastly, make sure that all clothing is labelled with a name clearly, as I am not responsible if your child misplaces an item.
  • We are going to have a really big drive on Reading At Home this year, so please remember that it doesn't matter how confident your child is at reading, they still need to read to you and you still need to read to them!  




Mrs Malcolm and Mrs Bishop

Thank you to all the parents who came along to the Meet the Teacher session on Monday 16th September.  It was so lovely to meet you.  In case you were unable to come, here is the presentation:





Meet The Teacher Autumn 2019

                                                                       Autumn Term 2019



This term in Literacy we shall start by looking at Traditional Tales and will study The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde.  We will improve our writing skills by focusing on aspects of grammar such as alliteration, subordinate conjunctions and the use of rhetorical questions in our writing.  We will then move on to writing adventure stories based on the beautiful book 'The Secret of Black Rock' by Joe Todd Stanto.






This term Year 3’s work in Maths will cover number and place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.


There will be a strong focus on learning timestables, in particular the 3x, 4x, 8x tables.


This term we will be studying Rocks, Soils and Fossils which links to our History Topic on Prehistoric Britain.  We will discuss different types of rock and group and classify them according to whether they are naturally occurring or man-made.


We will then study fossils and how they are formed, focusing on the work of Mary Anning, a famous Victorian fossil collector.  In our study of soil we will learn how soil is formed and take part in a number of soil investigations.




This half term in History we will be studying Prehistoric Britain. We will be looking at the time scale of human prehistory and find out about early humans and the Stone Age, specifically the Palaeolithic Period, working our way through the Mesolithic period and the people that lived there. We will be ending in the Neolithic Period and finding out about all the changes that have occurred. We then move on to look at the Bronze Age and then the Iron Age to finish off the timeline process.






This term in RE we will be exploring the meaning of signs and symbols.  We shall find out how symbolic food can be used to remember important events.

We will learn that religious beliefs and ideas about God can be experienced in different forms, including symbolism.

We shall also learn about some common symbols within a place of worship.





We will be looking at sculptures within our environment and looking at how they improve places and how we feel and interpret them. We will be using the woodland area at school to create our own sculptures and be looking at the design process for one that could be used within our school.

We will look and think about the different materials that we could use to help us build our sculpture, looking at the finishing techniques to make it perfect and then evaluating how the sculptures would improve the environment at school.



During PE lessons this term, children will master the basic techniques of catching and throwing to a good level of consistency when moving and standing still, looking to challenge ourselves each time throughout the term. Also, we will be aiming to become confident in being able to roll, hit and kick different balls tying these in to different areas of P.E.


All P.E lessons will include a warm-up and cool down and children will be able to understand the need for this when doing exercise.




During our first term we will look at the topic of ‘Meet and Greet’. This unit will teach the children about the basics of the Spanish language. They will learn to greet each other, exchange names, ask how someone is, count to ten and say how old they are.






Weekly Spellings to learn!!





Punctuality - Please remember that the children should be at school for 8.40am and if they are not in school before 8.50am, they will be registered with a late mark. Having your child arrive on time means that they can settle in ready for the school day.


Class Fund - Each term we ask for a small voluntary contribution of £2, which helps provide extra resources that the children will use for subjects like art and design. Thank you in advance.


P.E Kits - Please can your child have a pair of named t-shirt, hoodie, jogging bottoms, shorts and footwear kept in school ready for P.E sessions. Some lessons will be outside, depending on the weather! Our P.E slots will be on a Monday and Friday, however these are subject to change, so make sure that you have a P.E kit in school everyday.


Jumpers - Please make sure that your child has their name in their jumper and that you remind them that they are responsible for looking after their jumpers. If they take it off a break time, I give them a chance to go and collect it whilst we line up. If it is misplaced around the school then they will have the opportunity to look, but it is important for your child to take responsibility for all their belongings.


Snacks - Please remember that the children are allowed a healthy snack for break times, this could be a piece of fruit or vegetables. Please do not bring in nuts. We have a fruit tray for them to be kept until break times, in the classroom. We do not have afternoon snack in Year 3.


Pencil Cases - Children in Year 3 can bring in their own pencil case. It can include the following: writing pencils, a ruler, a rubber, a sharpener and colouring pencils. All equipment needs to be named and the children need to take FULL responsibility for their own equipment. 



Brain Builders


   ~ Will be set every fortnight, then every week from Term 3.

     ~ Will be based on what we are doing in class.

       ~ Will consist of a main task and/or a spelling, reading and maths task.

         ~ Brain builders will be given on a Monday.

           ~ We will show off your Brain Builders in class.



Excellent pieces of homework will be displayed in class and may even make it onto this class page!


Everyone that completes their brain builder task will be awarded Dojo points!!



Brainbuilder Homework due in 7.10.19