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Have a wonderful Summer Break and we will see you all again on Thursday 3rd September!

Welcome to Woodlands Park Primary & Nursery School

Welcome to our school website. We hope you find it interesting and informative.


Hedgehog Class Page -  2019- 2020

 Welcome to the Hedgehog Class page. Mrs Ford is our Class Teacher and is currently planning all our home learning. School looks a little bit different right now as the majority of us are at home. Please keep yourself updated with the 'home learning' content on our website where you can see all your daily lessons and all your wonderful WOW work you have been carrying out at home. A taster of this is displayed below.  



***Welcome to Term 6 - Learning from Home***

Welcome back to another term Hedgehogs! As you know, Year 2 are still learning from home - but I shall be here to support you every step of the way! Keep regularly checking the home learning section of the website as I will update this every Thursday with your weekly learning for the following week. Everyone has been working really hard to carry out the Maths, English and Topic home learning planned, I am really proud of how you have all adapted to this new way of working. Here is a selection of some of the wonderful work you have been carrying out at home. Keep up the amazing work Hedgehog Class! 

Take care and stay safe, Mrs Ford 

Goodbye Hedgehog Class 2019 - 2020! Read some of your goodbyes for the Summer.

When our school is open and 'running as usual' this is what it looks like in the Hedgehog Class!
    Welcome to our class page for the year :
2019 - 2020
Welcome to the Hedgehog Class page! Mrs.Ford is our Class Teacher and Mrs Palethorpe and Mrs Andrews are our Teaching Assistants. Mrs B will be teaching us on a Monday afternoon. 


This page will be updated regularly with news and information to inform you and your parents. We will also regularly upload photographs to show case all our learning. 


Welcome to Year 2, Term 4!


This term our topic is: The Great Fire of London



This term we are learning all about the Great Fire of London, one of my personal favourite topics! We are in for such an exciting term. We will find our where and when the Great Fire started and learning about who Samuel Pepys was. Looking at his diary, we will be discovering how the fire spread so quickly and how this disaster has had such a huge impact on our lives today. As a class we will be learning about newspaper reports and how influential they are in recording events from the past. We will use all of our new knowledge to create our own newspaper reports! 


In Art we will be thinking all about sculpture and how this differs to paintings and drawings. We will study the work of other famous sculptors and explore their techniques we could use in our own work. As a class we will learn about the design process, planning, making and evaluating our own sculptures.  


In Science, we will be starting our learning all about everyday materials. We will be exploring the properties of different materials and their uses in every day life. As a class, we will carry out our very own experiment and applying our learning to our art project! We will be thinking about the suitability of plastic and metal for various different objects and learn about the issues with plastic and the environment. 



This term, we are lucky to have Jane Douglas come in to teach us Dance on a Wednesday afternoon. We will be developing our balance and co-ordination skills and creating small sequences of movement to music. We will also be looking at key multi skills needed for small games in our Real PE sessions on a Monday. Please make sure you have your PE kit with you every day of the week. It is so important that when we practise these skills we are wearing appropriate footwear and clothing to stay safe! When the weather is warmer, sometimes we may do extra PE outside in the afternoons so it is important to have your kit with you everyday.


In our RE lessons we will be exploring what a leader is and the important roles of religious leaders around the world. We will learn the names, clothing, religious books and holy duties of religious leaders. We will also be exploring the religious symbols attached to different leaders and what these mean to those that worship the religion. 





This term, we will continue our 'whole school' approach to school life developing a 'Growth Mindset.'  In particular, we will focus on how certain thoughts can change our behaviour and why. We will continue to think about red and green thoughts and how we can change negative thinking into positive thinking. As a class, we will discuss how our bodies and thoughts change when we experience a particular emotion. We will carry out different relaxation strategies and mindful meditation activities to help us focus on our thoughts, making it easier to turn red ones into green ones. 


Image coutersy of : British Value Cards - british, value, cards, british value, card: Promoting · twinkl Educational Publishing


We will also be developing our knowledge of British Values and how we can apply these to our behaviour and learning in school. Can you remember some of the values that you thought about last term in class and your assemblies with Mrs. Penny?

British Values Bear who will be helping us share our ideas and thoughts during class circle times!



The above is just a taster of what we will be getting up to. As always, we will be working hard to develop our Maths and English skills. Last term, we were all so impressed with how much progress Year 2 had made in their RWI lessons.  



English in Year 2


In our literacy lessons, we use 'Read Write Inc' - Let's Get Writing. We combine our Phonics, Guided Reading and Writing into one literacy lesson. This is an excellent way to show how reading skills link to good writing skills. Below, is the complex speed sound chart that we use to help us with our reading and writing. 

We will be working especially hard this term on our writing targets. These will be attached to your writing books and sent home with your brain builder homework so that you can work on them at home (if you scroll to the bottom of the page, writing target cards are attached for you to look at).  For more information about the Read Write Inc scheme used in school, see the following links - or come and speak to a member of staff in school, we will be more than happy to explain to you how it works.;jsessionid=444044DBAC5F9CB761D847FF58542F60?region=uk


The Key Stage 1 SAT tests will carried out this year during TERM 5 2020 .  
This year, the government provided new unseen 2019 SAT tests, which the children sat. In 2020 the children will be sitting their SATS using unseen tests that indicate if your child is working at an 'age expected' level. The tests will be in maths, reading, spelling and grammar. The results of these tests will be communicated in the end of year report alongside the teacher assessment. You may have seen in the press lots of articles about how children find these tests stressful. The children are given lots of chances throughout the year in class to carry out past papers to get used to the format of the tests to ensure they are familiar with them. Last year, as with previous years, the children were very excited about sitting the 'fun quizzes' and really enjoyed SATS week. :-) 


Please remember that the tests inform the overall teacher assessment at the end of the year. The overall assessment of each child is formed from teacher assessment, which comes from evidence that has been collected over the year. Please come and see me if you have any questions. 


NB: Any children that did not pass the Phonics Screening test in Year 1 will also get a chance to re-sit these in June 2020. 

Brainbuilder Homework
Every 2 weeks we have a Brain Builder challenge in class. This is always an activity which you can carry out in a personalised way. There are also Year 2 Spellings attached to learn at home as well as Maths activities. We always dedicate time to show your homework in class and excellent homework is always shown in assembly too! 


 (NB: Just a reminder that in class, we present our homework in a show and tell session - where the children receive verbal feedback and praise.)


At the bottom of this page are some photographs of homework. I always like to take photographs of your work and put it up on the website for everyone to see! It is so important to keep on top of your homework as it helps to consolidate and deepen your learning in class. It is also a lovely way to get your parents involved with your school learning! The Brainbuilder sheet is always attached to our class page, so if your paper copy gets lost, you can always download it from here. 
Remember that we show these in class so it is always important that you try your best and make sure that you hand it in on time. Mrs. Penny also gives out special awards for outstanding homework, so keep up all the good work! 


We love reading!

We are a class that love reading. There is a special book corner in our classroom for you to curl up with a book in during Golden time. The more you read, the more ideas and better you get at writing! Every day we always finish the day with a story. I also love to hear about the different books you are reading at home. If you have one that you would like to share with the class, please feel free to bring it in and we will read this at the end of the day. It doesn't just have to be a fiction book, it can also be a non-fiction book too! Last year, we discovered lots of new books by sharing what we read at home with each other. For example, one suggestion was the book, 'The World's Worst Children' by David Walliams. This then became our class text and we ended up creating some incredible character profiles because we learnt so many new words and phrases. 


We will working this term to work especially hard on our comprehension skills. Whilst it is really important to be able to sound out and read fluently, it is also very important that we understand what we have read. Make sure at home that someone helps you with your reading by asking you lots of questions about what you have read, so that you fully understand what you are reading. 


NB: It is really important that you keep up your reading at home as well as in school. I cannot stress enough how much of an impact it has in the progress you make if you practise your reading at home. 

Parents - please use the questions given out at the beginning of the year (there is a link to download this at the bottom of the page) to support reading with your child.

Remember, once you have finished your school book, it needs to go in the reading tray so your diary can be checked by Mrs. Palethorpe or Miss Smith. We always like you to choose your own reading books in Year 2 as that way you will be more interested in the book! It is also great practise for next year when you go into Key Stage 2! 
It is quite alright to spend more than one night on a book, especially if you are working hard to think about the story with an adult in more detail. 


Star of the Day

Each day, Miss Smith and the other adults choose someone who has been a star that day. This could be for really trying hard in your learning, being a great role model or even just being really polite. If you are the star you will get a special certificate to take home. You will also get to use a special pencil the next day in your lessons!


We also give out 'dojo' points, which now link to house points. These are different points that are awarded for lots of different things that we value in school such as: being a good friend, exceptional manners, excellent effort and outstanding work. At the end of the week we have a class 'dojo' winner who receives a certificate. Each week our points are reset. If you want to find out more, please watch the video on the link attached.
* PUNCTUALITY- Please remember that the children need to be at school for 8.40 am. We have a big class and we have lots of lunches that we need to order first thing. Please be reminded that if your child is not in school before 8.50 am they will be registered with a late mark. In Year 2, we regularly stress how punctuality and organisation are very important life skills, so please help us enhance this learning by arriving in school on time every day. Thank you for your help with this:-) 


* CLASS FUND - Each term we ask for a small voluntary contribution of £1. This goes towards extra resources, such as ingredients for cooking and arts and crafts. This contribution is so important at Christmas and Easter time when we want to make lots of arty things that can sometimes be very expensive. 



*PE KITS - Everybody needs to have a full PE kit in school all week. Please could children have a pair of jogging bottoms and shorts in their bag. Some days when the weather is a little warmer we go outside.  Our PE slots will be confirmed in the first week of term, however these do sometimes change, so please ensure that they are in school each day of the week.   

*JUMPERS - Last year we did have a lot of children losing different parts of their School Uniform, in particular jumpers. In Year 2 we always remind the children to collect their jumpers from the different parts of the school, in particular off the school field after lunch. In class, we have a jumper tub which they put their jumpers into to avoid the risk of the jumpers getting lost. At the end of the day, the children are given a 15 minute slot to collect all their belongings and are reminded of what they need to take home. As we are getting ready for Key Stage 2, we really stress to the children the importance of taking responsibility for their own property. This helps them to become independent. If your child comes home without a jumper it may very well be in our jumper tub!

*SNACKS - Remember that you are allowed to bring in a healthy snack for break times. This could be a piece of fruit or vegetables.  Please do not bring in nuts. 

*WATER BOTTLES - Please make sure you each have a water bottle so that you can regularly top it up with fresh water. Learning is thirsty work, so we always recommend that you drink lots of water to help feed your brains! As it is a lot warmer, we are encouraging the children to take their water bottles outside with them at play times so that they always stay hydrated. 

Please feel free at the beginning and end of each day to come and speak to any of the adults in class if you have any questions. We are always happy to try and answer any of your questions. 

Alternatively, you can put a quick note in your child's diary for us to read and we can respond to it as soon as possible. 

Thank you for visiting our page! 

Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Palethorpe and Mrs. Andrews