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Now, when Ms Hayward was at school Maths was all about 'finding the answer' and 'getting it right'! I am sure that it was like this for many of your grown ups too. This does not always provide the basis for a healthy relationships with all things mathematical frown Maths in Owls Class is about creating the foundations for all your later mathematical learning, we do not shy away from concepts that one might think come later in school and we definitely do not avoid using all those 'big mathematical words' (WE LOVE INTERESTING VOCABULARY in Owls Class!!) Our aim is to encourage a 'love of mathematical thinking' and, like in all our learning, the desire to  'have a go' without fear of 'getting it wrong'. We work in a practical way with plenty of exploration of real objects comparing, contrasting and looking for patterns before we even consider a numeral (abstract symbol). It is about using our 'noticing' eyes to see ... 'what do you see and how do you see it?' It is not about learning by rote, memorising details and regurgitating them, instead it is about 'making memories and connections' from which we can draw upon and apply in a variety of contexts. It is about developing a sense of number, the 'threeness of 3' if you will! It is also important to remember that talking about how and why we found an answer is just as important as getting the answer right! We use the White Rose Maths Scheme of Learning, which adopts a mastery approach to mathematical learning, as a guide for our maths learning and investigations supported by our friends the Numberblocks.