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Information About Returning to School September 2020

Please see information below regarding the full opening of Woodlands Park Primary School this September.


We expect all children to return to school, full time, as per the government guidance.  There are however, some changes to the normal routines pre-COVID-19.  For those of you who have been coming to school, these will be familiar to you but there are some changes so please ensure you read the following information carefully.

There is further information for individual year groups which can be found under the Parents Tab on the home page Parents/Covid-19

At all times while bringing your child/children onto the school site, you should continue to observe social distancing.  You and your child should respect the other parents, children and members of staff by keeping your distance while speaking to them.  No parents will be permitted to enter the school building (apart from the Nursery parents).

Bubbles:  There will be four bubbles

Bubble One:  Early Years consisting of Dormice Class (Nursery)  and  Owls Class (Reception).

Bubble Two:  Key Stage One consisting of Squirrels Class (Year One) and  Hedgehogs Class (Year Two).

Bubble Three: Key Stage Two (i) constisting of Robins Class (Years 3 and 4) and Otters Class (Years 4 and 5).

Bubble Four:  Key Stage Two (ii) consisting of Year Six.  

Keeping the Robins and Otters classes together in one bubble  will enable the years three, four and five to stay together during break and lunchtimes so that the split year four class can still be with their friends.  It also means that as they will be working on the same overall topics they can combine for any joint activities if they need to.

Keeping Key Stage One as a single bubble will also mean that we can continue to work our small Read, Write, Inc. groups in order to support the children’s phonics and early reading and writing work.

Keeping the Early Years as one bubble means that they can still use the same outdoor areas and toilets with increased cleaning and hygiene routines in place.


Timings for Each Bubble:

Early Years Bubble:  This bubble will have two separate drop off and pick up times. The reason for two separate drop off times is that these are the groups that have the most parents bringing the children in and as many of the children will be new to the school, they will need the most support from adults.

Early Years Reception: 8:30am to 3:05pm using the side gate and playground entrance and into the EY garden.

Early Years Nursery: 8:45am-11:45am using the side gate and playground entrance and into the EY garden.

Key Stage One Bubble: 8:40am-3:15pm using the side gate and playground entrance

Key Stage Two Bubble (i) Robins and Otters Classes: 8:40am to 3:15pm using the side field gate (enter and exit via the vehicle gate)

Key Stage Two Bubble (ii) Wolves Class: 8:30am – 3:05pm using the side field gate (enter and exit via the vehicle gate)

Parents may come in to drop off their children at the drop off point but must keep the flow moving and not stop to talk (apart from Nursery and Reception Parents).

If you have children in more than one bubble, you may bring them all at the same time (the latest time).

General Details:

Uniform:  We expect all children to wear full school uniform in September. Please ensure that the children wear freshly laundered uniform each day.  You may need to purchase extra items to ensure they have enough to wear a clean set each day.  If anyone is struggling to provide their child with extra items of uniform, please contact the school.

PE Kit:  You will be told which days your child/children will be doing PE.  On these days they should wear their PE kit to school, not their school uniform.  It is important that all the children have the correct PE kit, including outdoor kit which should consist of black jogging bottoms and sweatshirt/hoodie (does not have to have the school logo on). They should also have trainers in order to be able to take part in PE properly.  PE will take place outside as much as possible.

Lunchboxes: children may bring their usual lunchboxes but they should be cleaned each day before they are brought to school. Please ensure water bottles are cleaned each day.

Hot Meals/Lunchtimes:  We intend to provide hot lunches from September and Mrs Copeland and Miss Wanless have prepared a separate Risk Assessment to decrease the risk of spreading the virus during lunchtime service.  There will be two distinct areas in the hall, keeping the children separate. We will be staggering the times of lunch as follows:

Early Years:  11:45am- 12:15pm (then tables sanitised in preparation for KS2 Bubble (i)

Key Stage One 12pm- 12:20pm (then tables sanitised in preparation for KS2 Bubble (ii)

Key Stage Two Bubble (i) 12:20pm

Key Stage Two Bubble (ii): 12:40pm.  This group will go outside at 12:15pm for 15 minutes play before washing hands and coming in for their lunch.

Book Bags/rucksacks:  All children should have a book bag in school to enable the teaching assistants to keep a track of reading books.  Children in Key Stage One should NOT have a rucksack in school – school book bags only.

Pencil Cases:  Children in Key Stage Two are permitted to bring in pencil cases. They should only contain: pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpeners and colouring pencils.  All other items will be provided for the children in individual pots.

PE kits:  The children should bring in their PE kits which will be sent home on a Friday to be washed.  The children will be taking part in PE as long as the activities can be managed safely (ie at a safe distance and with limited sharing of resources).

Assemblies:  We will not be holding whole school assemblies but these will be delivered by myself using Zoom from my office on  Monday and Friday mornings.

I hope that these details have given you a little more information in preparation for September. You will receive a separate letter detailing drop off and pick up times and maps for your child’s class.  If you have any further questions about routines in September, please do not hesitate to contact me on

Yours sincerely

Alison Penny