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We are really excited about seeing children in Years 1-6 on Thursday 3rd September. Key Stage One enter through the side pedestrian gate and Key Stage Two through the vehicle gates and onto the field.

Welcome to Woodlands Park Primary & Nursery School

Welcome to our school website. We hope you find it interesting and informative.


Please enjoy the story below as a little welcome to Owls Class. Looking forward to seeing you all next week smiley Password Reception2020

Welcome to Owls Class




We are looking forward to a fantastic year together!


Welcome to Owls Class and, for those of you who are new to the school, to Woody P! We hope that you are as excited as we are to begin our year together.  I am Ms Hayward your Class Teacher supported by our fantastic Teaching and Learning Assistants, Miss Knight, Ms Carmody and Miss Bedlington. This is your class page and is one place where we celebrate all the wonderful things that we have been experiencing, exploring and achieving together with your family and friends. We hope that they will check in once in a while here and that you will be able to share with them some of the 'magic' that happens in Owls Class smiley Your families will also find links to some useful websites and documents that they may wish to use to support you at home now and later in our year together. There is also a small story section where I have added some story videos for your use if you wish. They definitely do not replace sharing a 'real' book on the sofa but I hope that you enjoy them if you do choose to make use of them.


Ms Hayward


Families: Feel free to come and speak with one of the class team if you have any questions or concerns. Our door is always ‘open’! This still remains the case even with the current restrictions we are all 'working with' we may just have to be a bit more creative in how this is achieved!  Alternatively, you can put a short note in your child’s communication diary or drop us a line via our class email We always aim to respond promptly but we are sure you understand that our classroom is a busy place to be on some days ... in fact most days ... and therefore our concepts of 'prompt' may differ frown As a team we are mindful that the last few months have been 'different' to say the least for us all and as a result your child has likely been unable to attend their previous settings for a considerable period, if at all, since late March. Please do not be concerned that they may have 'missed out' or 'be behind' or any of the other things that this train of thought conjures up. As always we will begin at the beginning ... moving forward together ... rest assured your child will be provided with the relevant level of support that they need at any given time. Along the way 'magic' will happen smiley We are all in this together ... we've got this!


---------WATCH THIS SPACE!---------



Autumn Term 1



‘Marvellous Me’


Bring your ‘Marvellous Me’ bag into school having chosen 1 or 2 objects and/or photographs that are special to you to share with us all. You can even decorate your bag! We will then 'hang' them on our 'Tree of Marvellous Me' for everyone to see blush Don't forget to share with us your 'Only One You' stone, your Worry Doll and/or your pictures, photos or videos connected to what you might like to be when you grow up too.


Ms Hayward, Miss Bright, Ms Carmody and Miss Bedlington are looking forward to getting to know you all. We hope to share with you what you like (and don’t like), what you are good at and what you might like help with, all the things that make you special! Perhaps you might like to share how you celebrate special occasions with your family, if you have brothers and sisters and how many pets you have or what you do when you are not at school?! We can't wait!


This year will be full of challenges for you to master, some as an individual, others as a team. Right from the beginning you will be expected to attempt to do things for yourself, growing in independence as the year progresses. We are looking forward to watching how you master new skills and enhance existing ones. There is nothing that you cannot do ... you simply cannot do it 'yet'! We will be on hand to support and encourage you to 'do your best' and 'keep on trying'.


Together this term we will explore what our school rules Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe look and feel like and how this translates into life in our classroom. What does being a fantastic Owl look like? How should we be with the people around us? How should we use the resources on offer in our learning environment and how can we look after them and keep our learning spaces clean, tidy and safe for ourselves and others?


Sharing stories and singing songs together will play an important part in your learning and in this term especially so ... let us know your favourites and we can share them together! There will be plenty of opportunities for you to make and build things, draw and paint pictures, perform shows, run, climb and balance, share a good book, 'get messy' ... and just be you!


Are you ready Owls? Let's go and see where the journey takes us!




A little reminder for the grown-ups!


Punctuality & Arrival & Departure - Please remember that children are expected to arrive at school promptly, during this current period this is even more important to keep us all safe and sound. Children will be expected to arrive for the start of our day at 8.30am. Please stick to the one way system as detailed in the letters sent to you and keep the flow of traffic moving as much as possible. We will greet you outside of the classroom and will be on hand to support your child to enter the classroom without you. Please support your child through this point in their day as smoothly as possible (we know that this may well be tricky for some of us ... adults and children alike!)  Likewise please ensure that you arrive promptly to collect your child at the end of the day at 3.05pm. 


Water Bottles - Learning is thirsty work! To make sure all children are kept hydrated and ready to learn, your child must have a named water bottle to bring into class. Facilities are available to refill bottles in the classroom during the day. Please only fill your child's bottle with water. Thank you. Children are also entitled to a drink of milk up to and including their 5th birthday. There is the option to purchase milk after your child turns 5 should you wish to (See Autumn Newsletter for further information).


Afternoon Snack - Learning can be hungry work too! Please provide a healthy snack of fruit or raw vegetables for your child in a clearly named box or bag. Your child will be provided with a snack during the morning.


Welly Wednesday - Your child has free access throughout the week to the outdoor learning environment during the school day. On Wednesdays we take this further still, taking our learning completely outside whatever the weather. With this in mind we ask that your child has a pair of named welly boots in school or an alternative pair of shoes. Things can and do get messy!! 


PE Kits - For the forseeable future children will be expected to attend school in their PE kits on their allotted day and stay in their kit all day. Our planned PE slot is Thursday afternoon. **We do not begin PE immediately and therefore with this in mind we will advise you when we plan for our first session**


Class Fund - Each term we ask for a small contribution of £2. This enables us to purchase additional resources to support your child's learning, an example of which might be baking ingredients and specific arts and crafts materials. Thank you in advance for your support. Please make your payment either via your online sQuid account under 'school fund donations' or place the cash in a named envelope and pass to a member of the class team. Some families choose to pay termly whilst others pay for the whole year (£12). We are incredibly grateful to those of you who contribute in this way it is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Useful Websites & Documents

A useful document for all adults supporting children in their learning. It details typical development of children and includes suggestions of how children can be supported in their learning in everyday situations.


Physical Development

Indoor activities that can be adapted to suit you and your family that support gross and fine motor skills and problem solving. However do not feel you need to stay indoors ... take the idea and move outside for some fun and laughter in the fresh air laugh



Supporting the development of phonics. At Woodlands Park we follow the Read Write Inc. (RWI) phonics programme which refer to 'sets of sounds'. For the purpose of using this resource Phase 2 - 5 activities are compatible to those sounds that the majority of children in Owls Class will eventually be working on as we move through our year together. Free activities and subscription activities available.

Decodable comics. Compatible with the RWI Set 1- 3 sounds the children have been learning. Printable comic templates to make your own comics too.

A treasure trove of stories and rhymes, colouring and interactive games. Follow a story or watch a story it is up to you. Book Trust also provide signed stories too.

A resource bank of games and activities that support children in the development of their phonics knowledge and skills. As we progress through the year children in Owls Class will be developing their skills across the equivalent of Phase 2 - 5.

A wealth of reading, writing and maths learning activities. Free e-books are available to share here.

Use your Reading Eggs log in to access reading activities.

Tricky Word (Red Word) Song clip. A tricky word or a Read Write Inc. red word cannot be sounded out and needs to be recognised on sight. The use of this clip to support this has been a sure-fire hit with Owls Class historically and we do not see any reason for this not to be the same this year smiley



A range of games and activities to be accessed particularly good for maths. Well-loved in our classroom.

Mr Mc’s counting in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Fun engaging clip of counting.

A wealth of reading, writing and maths learning activities.


Understanding the World

Woodland Trust activities and resources to support a love and understanding of our natural world. Access a wide range of activities and resources via the ACTIVITIES section. A whole range of 'spotter' sheets are provided. I particularly like the look of the Seasons and festivals section and think we can make use of some of the suggestions this year. During Autumn we could make a 'Leaf Face or  a Muddy Smile', when Winter arrives maybe we can turn our attention to a spot of 'Ice Art' or 'Woodland Windchime' making. As the warmer weather arrives we may pretend to birds and 'Build a giant nest' in Spring and perhaps go on a 'Sound Safari' or make a 'Twig Raft' in Summer. Who knows?! How will you explore at home?!

‘50 things to do before you are 11 ¾’ Lots of fun suggestions to do outside and make memories with, many of which do not cost a penny … make a daisy chain … go on a bug hunt … roll down a hill.


Expressive Arts & Design

A world of creative ideas for all the family to enjoy.

Full of ideas to be creative and have fun.




Daily phonics sessions begin later in the Autumn Term with the learning of Read Write Inc Set 1 Speed Sounds, starting with short sessions that eventually lengthen to 45 minutes in length. Alongside this, we will work to develop our communication and language skills to support us during these sessions. This will include our ability to identify sounds that we hear in our environment, the sounds we can hear in words as well as rhyming words in stories and lots more.


To develop phonics skills effectively children benefit from learning the sounds in a methodical way through focussed sessions in school and by being reinforced at home. We would welcome your support. It is expected that you practise at home for 5 minutes each day. Please refer to your child’s communication diary for the sounds of the week as appropriate.


To support your child at home you may find Ruth Miskin’s website useful where you will find helpful resources including short video clips to support you (see link below).


This is the order we learn our sounds in ~


Read Write Inc Speed Sounds Set 1:

1.1 m a s d t

1.2 i n p g o

1.3 c k u b

1.4 f e l h sh

1.5 r j v y w

1.6 th z ch q x ng nk


Read Write Inc Speed Sounds Set 2:

ay - May I play?

ee - What can you see?

igh - Fly high

ow - Blow the snow

oo - Poo at the zoo

oo - Look at a book

ar - Start the car

or - Shut the door

air - That's not fair

ir - Whirl and twirl

ou - Shout it out

oy - Toy for a boy


Read Write Inc Speed Sounds Set 3:

ea - Cup of tea

oi - Spoil the boy

a-e - Make a cake

i-e - Nice smile

o-e - Phone home

u-e - Huge brute

aw - Yawn at dawn

are - Care and share

ur - Nurse with a purse

er- A better letter

ow - Brown cow

ai - Snail in the rain

oa - Goat in a boat

ew - Chew the stew

ire - Fire fire

ear - Hear with your ear

ure - Sure it's pure

If you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to speak with

Ms Hayward, Miss Knight and/or Ms Carmody.

It is time for a story .... 

take your pick from the story videos below and sit back, snuggle up and escape into the world of books smiley (Password Reception2020)