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Happy New Year! Welcome back to Term 3 :-)

Welcome to Woodlands Park Primary & Nursery School

Welcome to our school website. We hope you find it interesting and informative.


A story to begin our year together in Owls Class. Just like you Hugless Douglas starts a new school/class smiley Password Reception2020

Welcome to Owls Class




We are looking forward to a fantastic year together!


Welcome to Owls Class and, for those of you who are new to the school, to Woody P! We hope that you are as excited as we are to begin/continue our year together.  I am Ms Hayward your Class Teacher, supported by Mrs Taylor your Teaching and Learning Assistant. Mrs B will come and see you when I am not teaching in the classroom (usually on a Monday afternoon). This is your class page and is one place where we aim to celebrate all the wonderful things that we have been experiencing, exploring and achieving together with your family and friends. We hope that they will check in once in a while here and that you will be able to share with them some of the 'magic' that happens in Owls Class smiley Your families will also find links to some useful websites and documents that they may wish to use to support you at home now and later in our year together. There is also a small story section where I have added some story videos for your use if you so wish. They definitely do not replace sharing a 'real' book on the sofa or a comfy bean bag but I hope that you enjoy them if you do choose to make use of them.


Ms Hayward



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Spring Term : Term 3



‘Dreams & Goals’


We are looking forward another fun filled term together Owls! We cannot wait!


This term, like the previous two, will continue to be full of challenges for you to master, some as an individual, others as a team. By now you know that you will be expected to attempt to do things for yourself, growing in independence as the year progresses. We are looking forward to watching how you master new skills and continue to enhance your existing ones. There is nothing that you cannot do ... you simply cannot do it 'yet'! We will be on hand to support and encourage you to 'do your best' and 'keep on trying'.


Together this term we will continue to explore what our school rules Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe look and feel like and how this translates into life in our classroom. What does being a fantastic Owl look like? I think you could all tell us what you think!! How should we be with the people around us? How should we use the resources on offer in our learning environment and how can we look after them and keep our learning spaces clean, tidy and safe for ourselves and others?


No-one can deny that last term was an incredibly busy one laugh This term will be just as busy but in a different way. Our drama workshop with Perform will start the term off very nicely with us becoming jungle explorers. We will be venturing into the 'African Jungle' during our session. Later in the term we will become 'explorers' closer to home as we take a trip to Woolley Firs for the day, Be prepared to use all your senses Owls to explore the world around us, including those noticing eyes of yours cool


Sharing stories and singing songs together will continue to play an important part in your learning and there will continue to be plenty of opportunities for you to make and build things, draw and paint pictures, perform shows, run, climb and balance, 'get messy' ... and just be you!


As ever we are prepared to 'ditch the plan' in favour of an idea from anyone of you or a group of you that has the potential to take us on an exciting journey or two!


Are you ready Owls? Let's go and see where our journey takes us!


A little reminder for the grown-ups!


Punctuality & Arrival & Departure - Please remember that children are expected to arrive at school promptly. Our day begins 8.40am and ends at 3.15pm. You are welcome to come into the classroom at the beginning of the day and help settle your child. This will be the case until the October mid term break.


Water Bottles - Learning is thirsty work! To make sure all children are kept hydrated and ready to learn, your child must have a named water bottle to bring into class. Facilities are available to refill bottles in the classroom during the day. Please only fill your child's bottle with water. Thank you. Children are also entitled to a drink of milk up to and including their 5th birthday. There is the option to purchase milk after your child turns 5 should you wish to (See Autumn Newsletter for further information).


Afternoon Snack - Learning can be hungry work too! Please provide a healthy snack of fruit or raw vegetables for your child in a clearly named box or bag. Your child will be provided with a snack during the morning.


Welly Wednesday - Your child has free access throughout the week to the outdoor learning environment during the school day. On Wednesdays we take this further still, taking our learning completely outside whatever the weather. With this in mind we ask that your child has a pair of named welly boots in school or an alternative pair of shoes. Things can and do get messy!! 


PE Kits - Your child will be expected to attend school in their PE kits on their allotted day and stay in their kit all day. Our planned PE slot is Friday afternoon. We will be taking our lessons inside and outside so please ensure that the children are dressed for the cold and wet weather with sensible footwear. Thank you.


Class Fund - Each term we ask for a small contribution of £2. This enables us to purchase additional resources to support your child's learning, an example of which might be baking ingredients, specific arts and crafts materials or during the summer term, caterpillars in order to observe the life cycle at close quarters. Thank you in advance for your support. Please make your payment either via your online sQuid account under 'school fund donations' or place the cash in a named envelope and pass to a member of the class team. Some families choose to pay termly whilst others pay for the whole year (£12). We are incredibly grateful to those of you who contribute in this way it is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Within the next section you will find documents and links that will support you in your development and learning during your time in Owls Class.

Within the next section you will find our 'celebration' of all the things that make Owls Class the 'magical' place it is smiley It is split into each term ... there will be photos, videos, examples of 'work', links to stories we have shared and lots more besides!

Please take a look and share our 'magical moments' with your children.