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What a great Superhero effort the children made for Comic Relief- thank you for all the donations too :-)

Welcome to Woodlands Park Primary & Nursery School

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A story to begin our year together in Owls Class. Just like you Hugless Douglas starts a new school/class smiley Password Reception2020

Welcome to Owls Class




We are looking forward to a fantastic year together!


Welcome to Owls Class and, for those of you who are new to the school, to Woody P! We hope that you are as excited as we are to begin our year together.  I am Ms Hayward your Class Teacher supported by our fantastic Teaching and Learning Assistants, Ms Carmody, Miss Abbie and Miss Bedlington. This is your class page and is one place where we celebrate all the wonderful things that we have been experiencing, exploring and achieving together with your family and friends. We hope that they will check in once in a while here and that you will be able to share with them some of the 'magic' that happens in Owls Class smiley Your families will also find links to some useful websites and documents that they may wish to use to support you at home now and later in our year together. There is also a small story section where I have added some story videos for your use if you wish. They definitely do not replace sharing a 'real' book on the sofa but I hope that you enjoy them if you do choose to make use of them.


Ms Hayward


September 2020: Families: Feel free to 'speak' with one of the class team if you have any questions or concerns. Our door is always ‘open’! This still remains the case even with the current restrictions we are all 'working with' we may just have to be a bit more creative in how this is achieved!  Alternatively, you can put a short note in your child’s communication diary or drop us a line via our class email We always aim to respond promptly but we are sure you understand that our classroom is a busy place to be on some days ... in fact most days ... and therefore our concepts of 'prompt' may differ frown As a team we are mindful that the last few months have been 'different' to say the least for us all and as a result your child has likely been unable to attend their previous settings for a considerable period, if at all, since late March. Please do not be concerned that they may have 'missed out' or 'be behind' or any of the other things that this train of thought conjures up. As always we will begin at the beginning ... moving forward together ... rest assured your child will be provided with the relevant level of support that they need at any given time. Along the way 'magic' will happen smiley We are all in this together ... we've got this!


---------WATCH THIS SPACE!---------

Summer Term 5


‘Can you do it? Yes, I can!’(Part Three)


Well, what a rather strange year we are having so far but this has not deterred us and we have forged ahead with our development and learning whatever life has thrown at us. It is lovely to think that we will be starting this term together in the classroom. Last term we enjoyed sharing Oliver Jeffers' book 'Here We Are Notes for Living on Planet Earth' and our discussions about our solar system, amongst other things, naturally led the children to talk about aliens. Now, there was no-one that could say that they had seen a 'real alien' but nonetheless we decided that we would try and convince them to come and visit if there were such beings. The children all 'had a go' to 'write' about the things that make our planet the place to be. I suspect that we may continue this theme this term and explore ways that we can help make Earth a better place. During our explorations last term we considered what plants need to grow and their lifecycle. We hope to use the knowledge that we have gained to begin to cultivate our own allotment plot with plants that we have grown ourselves this term. Likewise we will explore lifecycles further by considering the lifecycle of a certain insect that in its adult form looks nothing like its larva form ... Can you guess what insect that might be? Here is a clue ... in real life the larva would not be partial to cupcakes, lollipops and salami!!


Our Discovery Box Writing Challenge in the morning has proved a challenge but one that the majority of children actively engage with and 'have a go' at writing an independent 'sentence'. Some children are even responding to the questions that they have read in connection to the object too! We are very proud of each and every one of you for rising to this challenge! Your interest and curiosity has been ignited and it is clear that you are enjoying reading and writing for a purpose! 


This is the term where we often see 'everything come together', where those of you who have been a little hesitant up until now blossom before our eyes. We cannot wait to see where this term takes us all and we just know that with the support of all the adults in your lives, at home and in school, that you are going to 'have a go' and 'keep on trying'!


As ever be warned .... in Owls Class the plan can fly out the window at the drop of a hat in favour of something interesting that a child or group of children has discovered or shown an interest in. This is a powerful means through which to learn and we make no apology for it!


 Here's to another fantastic term of development and learning in Owls Class.

Spring Term 4


‘Can you do it? Yes, I can!’(Part Two)


Well, we start this second part of the Spring Term in the same way as we ended the first part ... physically apart as a class but together in spirit! We have admired how all of you have accepted the challenge of being apart from each other ... those of you in school have adjusted to being part of a smaller group and having 'more of the spotlight' on you which has not always been easy whilst those of you who have been at home have wowed us with your creative ways of undertaking the suggested home learning. Regardless of where you have been we are incredibly proud of each and everyone of you!! You have each showed us your version of a 'can do attitude' and we will continue with our 'can do/have a go' spirit this term ... after all it is mandatory in Owls Class!

Last term we helped the 'mixed up' monster that came calling with his feelings and tackled the 'Evil Pea' as mischief reigned throughout our learning. We became 'polar explorers' and discovered some interesting facts about the animals that live in the 'lands of ice and snow'. Along the way there were weather reports, shape hunts and even a spot of Chinese Lion dancing. So many magical moments and achievements too!

This term we hope that any 'weather reports' we might make will report warmer temperatures and sunnier skies too. We have already spotted signs of the changes that are happening in nature in the Woody P woods as bulbs are beginning to emerge from the ground and buds are appearing on the bushes and trees. We will explore what happens as we enter the next season ... the season of SPRING ... exploring growth and lifecycles of animals and insects. We start our term with a spot of 'Monster Mayhem' which is perfect for exploring our creativity skills. What will your monster look like?

As ever be warned .... in Owls Class the plan can fly out the window at the drop of a hat in favour of something interesting that a child or group of children has discovered or shown an interest in. This is a powerful means through which to learn and we make no apology for it!


Remember Owls ... whilst we are not all together right now (it will not last forever) we are still a team. Here's to another fantastic term of development and learning in Owls Class.

Easter is not just about chocolate eggs as the children in Owls Class discovered this week. It is about new beginnings and new life and we talked about what this might look like. We practised our 'What do you see? and How do you see it?' skills during a very special hunt inspired by the book 'We're Going on and Easter Egg Hunt'. If you look closely at your surroundings, photographs you may have or even the pictures within the pages of your story books, it is amazing what you can see if you just open your eyes! In the woods we made 'nature eggs' using the natural materials that we found around us and some of us used the resources available to us to create our very own 'Easter Chick'. We think that you would agree they are rather fabulous and unique! 

Something 'suspicious' has happened in our Woody P Woods ....

Now, we agreed that none of us have ever actually seen an alien .... however, the sight we were greeted with in the woods this morning suggested otherwise!! Together we have shared Oliver Jeffers' book, 'Here We Are Notes for Living on Planet Earth', talking about our planet the things we would find upon it and where our planet fits within the solar system too. Naturally the children turned their attention to 'aliens' with our talk about space and suggested that they might want to come to have a look at Earth.

Well, Ms H never being one to miss an opportunity suggested we write about the things that we would like them to see. Along the way we 'collected' words just as Wendel our Word Collecting Monster would want us to and 'built' sentences together. We discovered that coral is actually a living creature. |We were challenged to 'have a go' and write and draw something. Some of us warned the aliens "not to run in the classroom" whilst other wrote about trees and flowers, others still wrote about creatures we might find under the sea. In the woods we discovered a "crash site". We could not believe our eyes (Ms Carmody was not sure what to make of it either!!). There was lots of talk of "evidence"!! We decided to check it was safe and remove the "evidence" back to our classroom to investigate further. The excitement was very high. Ivy-Rose suggested we "fix the ship", thinking that the tubes were "for the oil". Bella said the tubes "looked like the things on a trampoline" ... Ruby was convinced that "they are like the things when I go swimming (pool noodles). Alice told us to "ring my mummy and daddy and tell them what we are saying and they can put it all in their phone and find us the instructions for fixing the ship"! There was much activity in the classroom after this with a lot of 'fixing' going on. There was constructing galore and even a spot of independent writing too. This activity has continued on into Thursday and will no doubt it will do the same on Friday. Anyone who may have missed the initial 'crash site' moment has been well and truly taken along with the excitement afterwards. I think that we have some budding engineers in our midst. Watching the bowed heads together, planning and collaborating was a very magical and proud moment this week. Well done all!

Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

We have shared this story much to the children's amusement. This might explain why there are 'pants' hanging in the Woody P trees!

Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer - Dan Crisp / english story for children / picture book for kids

Five little men in a flying saucer came to earth. Will they like the earth? This obviously lends itself to a 'spot of maths' but we have also discussed the images within the book and what they depict ... how humans are having an impact on our planet. Ms Hayward also has the very same aliens in her cupboard that appear in the book too!

STOP PRESS!! Book Characters take over Owls Class!!

Book characters escaped from the pages of their books and descended upon Owls Class on Friday 12th March 2021. We did not know where to look ... some of the costumes were so lavish we wondered if you would actually be able to fit through our doors!!


We met multiple princesses, a pirate and a doctor, a sprinkling of superheroes, Woody of Toy Story fame, Blippi and not forgetting Stickman, a duet of fairies and a trio of dinosaurs (one of whom who transformed into Cinderella?!), Winnie the Pooh (mini and maxi versions), Professor McGonagall, Red Riding Hood and Mary Poppins (who by the end of a busy day did feel quite so 'practically perfect' laugh) Goldilocks had lost her bears but promised us she had not eaten any porridge that did not belong to her. We also had our very own gumnut baby, Ragged Blossom all the way from Australia! It was so lovely to share her book with her and meet the characters in this Classic Australian Children's Book.


I wonder if once the characters return to the pages of their books that our little Owls will return?!

Monster Mayhem hits Owls Class ...

At home and at school the children clearly were having so much fun exploring paint and how they could use it to create a 'monster' of their very own. In school some of the children used junk model materials, playdough and/or craft materials to make their monster too and at home we saw a very creative 'monster money box'. We were assured that the 'brown sludge monster milkshake' mad eby a certain young lady tasted way more delicious than it looked! In school we planned our 'monster party', ending the week with a 'monster picnic' whilst at home a certain young man planned his party. There was fantastic use of phonics to write his invitations, visiting the shop to purchase all that he needed ending with his bubble guests declaring it "the best lunch ever!" Well done all! There were monster stories to share and we were inspired in school to 'have a go' and draw Kevin the Monster (see below).

#DrawWithRob .... Kevin the Monster

The children in school had a fabulous time sharing the story of Kevin by Rob Biddulph and taking part in a drawing session as part of our 'Monster Mayhem' week. We hope you like our 'Kevins'! You might want to 'have a go' and follow the video below.

#DrawWithRob 4 Kevin

Draw along with Rob and create your very own Kevin!

Spring Term 3



Happy New Year to you and your families my young Owls! Let's us hope that 2021 sees us all safe and well and returning to a sense of normality soon blush


‘Can you do it? Yes, I can!’


Welcome back to you all to this, our third term together. We have blinked and we are now a third of the way through our year together. The first third has been full of magical moments and exciting developments and it is likely that the remaining two thirds will be the same. The children have risen to the challenge of being a member of Owl Class and are developing their 'have a go' skills and by now have realised that we expect them to 'keep on trying' and to 'never give up'. This is a thread that will continue to be interwoven in everything that we do this term and beyond. It is so important that we all develop a positive attitude towards everything we do. Before our eyes we are surrounded by emerging artists and performers, readers and writers, mathematicians and scientists. There is never a dull moment in Owls Class and our recent journey into the 'world of dinosaurs' is testament to this. This foray was in no way a 'planned adult moment' but instead an idea that was sparked by a small group of children, built upon by adults and taken on board by the whole class at one point or another. This is the magic of our classroom that allows something to explode in this way. I wonder, will something like this happen this term?! It is fabulous if it does but equally it is ok if it does not. I am confident however that we will be able to draw upon our learning from this and make connections with future learning. 

Our term will begin with our helping of a 'mixed up monster' (The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas) which will enable us to continue to build upon our work around feelings and actions towards others. With the recent changes in the weather we will continue to explore the seasons, building on our work last term and our consideration of autumn and the beginning of winter. It may not snow in Maidenhead but we will take a look at the colder parts of our world and what animals do there to overcome the challenges of their environment. Our work developing our phonics skills will continue apace and we will continue to develop and extend our vocabulary with the help of Wendel our Word Collecting Monster with the plan being for us to take all of this into our independent reading and writing as we progress. Our work in maths will see us continue to develop our 'number sense' working with each number in depth in order for us to develop a deeper understanding ... there is so much more to maths than saying number names in order and recognising numerals! Most importantly we will be following the lead of the children and using their interests to extend potential learning inside and outside the classroom too!




Come on Owls ... are you ready? ... what exciting adventures are we going to go on this term?


Note: Our PE Day has changed to a FRIDAY from January onwards.

We are all superheroes even if we do not wear capes ...

We hit a problem in Owls Class having shared 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra .... we found evidence that the 'Evil Pea' had been up to its mischief in our classroom. We arrived one morning to find that it had removed our vegetables and 'trapped' them in all sorts of ways and places. Our potatoes were no where to be seen and the pea had left a message on Ms Hayward's board to say they had been hidden!! The children decided to design and make 'Evil Pea Traps' to trap the pea. Although we trapped no peas the children worked really hard to adjust their trap design to try their best. One of our young ladies at home had more success and successfully trapped their pea. Yippee!! We had some fantastic entries to our superhero competition and you all made Mrs B's judging job a very tricky one. We even had a superhero theme to our PE lesson in school (see below).


Superhero PE

Still image for this video
Superhero week saw all our 'class superheroes' taking part in a superhero PE session (adults included there is video evidence). We came up with some superpower moves to encourage us to think about how to move and balance our bodies. It is not as easy as it looks. The weather forced us indoors but this did not deter us. Ms Hayward needed a rest over the weekend afterwards though!!
At home and in school we have continued to embrace our learning. There has been some fantastic exploration of polar regions ... where they are in the world ... the types of weather we might find there ... the sort of landscape we might see ... as well as animals that we might find there. In school we used 'cold' colours to recreate our own 'polar art'. Interesting objects played their part in creating the marks on the paper. Who would have thought a sink plunger, window wiper and tooth and scrubbing brushes would make such fantastic mark making tools. From home we were rewarded with 'practically perfect' penguins in 2D and 3D format. Penguins were a line of enquiry for us in school and we discovered that not all penguins lay there eggs in nests and not all nests are made from twigs as we would expect ... some penguins use rocks whilst others use the poo of other birds!! Yes, poo!! We even discovered that not all penguins live where it is cold ... some live in towns making their homes in people's gardens, others live in forests and some live in deserts! Who knew?! We also came to realise that polar bears and penguins never meet in the wild because they live in different parts of the world. This caused much discussion when sharing some of our story books as within them we found polar bears and penguins as friends. Well done Owls for being so observant and recalling the information that we had learned. In school and some of us at home discovered that polar bears are not actually white! They have black skin and their hair is transparent and hollow which reflects light making it look white. Great fact finding Owls! Did you know that in the wild reindeer are known as 'caribou'. When it is snowy and icy they use their antlers and hooves to break the surface of the ground to seek out food. We went in search of 'antlers' (sticks from the woods) and tried out being 'reindeer'. It is not as easy as they make it look ... their antlers must be really tough. We resorted to hammers and even then it was not so easy. We might need to practise our 'reindeer skills'.
Owls Class have risen to the latest challenge that we face and we are working impressively from home and in school. Our 'mixed up' monster required help and wherever we were we were able to offer a helping hand. We talked about 'feelings' and what they might look like to us in reality. The children talked well about each feeling and how this might make them and others feel. We talked about how we could make ourselves and others feel better. Many of us created images of our own 'Colour Monster' and 'had a go' at writing about his feelings. Our classroom walls are testament to the hard work of those children at home and in school. Great work Owls!

The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas

The Colour Monster - by Anna Llenas. Read aloud by Sherry. Enjoy the story of The Colour Monster.

Autumn Term 2



‘Let's Celebrate’


We blinked and our first term together came to an end and what a great first term it was. It was full of magical moments and exciting discoveries. We very much hope that the coming term will follow the same pattern.


There is always much to celebrate throughout the year in Owls Class but this term offers opportunities to consider a number of things that many of us 'celebrate' or 'mark' as a moment of significance. Halloween has passed and so we enter into November and further into the season of autumn. We will explore the significance of Firework Night (5th November), the Hindu and Sikh festival of Diwali (The Festival of Lights), Remembrance Day (11th November) and later the story of Christmas and its traditions. There will be opportunities to make links between different cultures and their approaches to the things they celebrate. Alongside this we will take full advantage of the changes that are occurring in nature around us and talk about what happens at this time of year in the animal kingdom. We will also continue to explore the concept of feelings and may well meet a 'mixed up' monster that requires our help surprise


The mantra of our class will continue to be 'have a go' and 'keep on trying' and this will no doubt be seen inside and out and across all areas of learning. Reading all the above I am not sure if we are even going to have time to breathe!! frown


However, the most important thing that we have failed to mention so far is that we will be following the lead of the children too .... the plan can be ditched at any time in favour of an exciting thread of thought presented by a child or group of children. This is the magic of Owls Class and we make no apology for it blush


So Owls, let's bring on the sparkle and glitz of Owls Class in Term 2 and look forward to an adventure or two ... or maybe even three?!!


It started with a footprint in the woods ...

Who would of guessed that an indent in the wood floor would take us on an exciting journey of discovery in Owls Class. The children discovered a 'footprint' in the woods and convinced that it was a 'dinosaur footprint' went on a hunt for 'dinosaur evidence'. Some children were convinced they had heard the sound of dinosaurs, others felt they had felt the vibration of their movements, whilst others still felt that the compressed wire fence was an indication that dinosaurs had been in our woods.

Next morning the children arrived to find a 'nest of eggs' in the classroom. So many questions ... how did they get there? ... what type of dinosaur could have laid these eggs? ... when would they hatch? ... what would we need to do to encourage them to hatch? We settled on "wrapping them up ... to keep them warm" and went off in search of leaves because we had already discovered that some animals make a nest of leaves to hibernate in during the winter to keep warm. We were going to attempt to 'incubate' our eggs!

Additionally we learned that a specialist in dinosaurs is called a paleontologist and we challenged Ms Hayward to email one on our behalf for her homework. She did this and you never guess ... we received a video reply from a paleontologist called Euphemia Jones. She told us we had to be patient and wait for at least two weeks before the eggs might hatch. She warned us that hatching dinosaurs may make lots of mess!

Meanwhile we learned about animals that are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores and Ms Hayward even discovered a new word too ... piscivore! Do you know your 'vores'? Mrs B treated us to a 'lesson in how to draw a dinosaur' and we adorned the classroom wall with our 'works of art'! Amazing! We checked daily for 'dinosaur evidence' and could not contain our excitement as we drew closer to 'hatching day'!

The day arrived and goodness me did they make a mess! We could not believe our eyes. They also left a 'smelly deposit' on our classroom floor. Ms Hayward bravely dissected this for us (wearing gloves of course!) in order for us to attempt to identify the type of dinosaur that may of hatched. We concluded that the presence of bones and vegetation within the poo meant that the dinosaur could very well be an omnivore. The children felt that we should ask Euphemia Jones for advice smiley This we did by writing letters. She even sent us another video reply suggesting that the dinosaur could be a Deinocheirus. 

This has been a true example of the 'magic' that happens in our classroom laugh

All the sparkle and glitter of Christmas descends on Owls Class ...

In Owls Class the children are encouraged to work at their pace and adapt their ideas and the process they use. It is not about the end of the result but the fact that they have 'had a go' and 'kept on trying'. We make no apology for the children not creating identical copies of a set piece of work to bring home to you and/or put in their learning journeys. They are all unique and therefore so should their work be. 
The children were presented with trees and provided with decorations and from there off they went on their 'decorating journey'. It was lovely to see the collaboration and enjoyment in working together to create our class tree. They were given full rein to decorate and to continue to decorate as they saw fit without fear of an adult rearranging their work. The only request was maybe not Pritt Stick things to the branches laugh

When it came to creating their gifts for their families the children were presented with an idea for their Christmas Card, Robin and Tree. They were given the tools and materials to do this and support if they required it. It was just lovely to witness their ideas and techniques and the discussion about who they were creating if for. The result was, in each case, 26 very different cards, robins and trees. Just as it should be!!

Letters to Santa ... Father Christmas ... St Nicholas ...

We have been talking about the 'man in the red suit' and all the different names for him from around the world. Some of the children are adamant that he is called Santa whilst Ms Hayward calls him Father Christmas. If we were in France we would call him Pere Noel whilst in Russia he is known as Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) ... there are so many names that are used. What do you call him in your home? From here we talked about writing letters, how to put letter together and how to address them. We 'had a go' at writing our own letters and searched for Father Christmas' address. We watched footage of the 'journey of a letter' from posting it in a post box to receiving it through our letterbox and learned about the importance of postcodes. We then took a walk to the local post box to post our letters, noticing that they would be collected at 9.00am the next morning. 

Let's explore 'The Festival of Lights' ...

In Owls Class we have been learning about Diwali, 'The Festival of Lights', celebrated by Sikhs and HIndus. Using the CBeebies footage we explored the significant things from this festival and made connections with things from our own lives that we are familiar with. We made Rangoli 'welcome' patterns with coloured rice and drew mehndi patterns that are traditionally drawn on people's hands at times of celebration. Miss Bedlington even 'had a go' a creating patterns on our hands using brown paint. We used our fine motor skills to mould clay into diva lamps having seen them in both the footage and the story of Rama and Sita too. This was quite tricky but we didn't give up and made our lamp shape and then decorated them. 

We started our week of Remembrance by considering photographs connected to Remembrance Day and the reasons why we remember and who we remember ...  the poppy in single, cross and wreath form, the Cenotaph in London, other military memorials, old photographs and modern photographs. We discovered it is not just soldiers but naval and air force personnel that we remember as well as everyone else who lost their lives in World War I and all conflicts since. By looking at photographs we came to realise that it was and is not just men who are involved. Likewise we talked about the purple poppy and how this recognises the animals who 'served' during the war, carrying personnel and equipment and pulling guns or carrying messages between areas. Together we visited the school Remembrance Garden in advance of the 11th November and used our noticing skills to identify the symbols that we had already talked about recognised how we could show our respect in this special place. We worked together to create poppy wreaths and individual poppies for our classroom 'poppy meadow' as well as used loose part resources to create our representations of poppies too. As a class we laid our wreaths in the garden alongside those of the other classes and observed the silence at 11.00am. We behaved impeccably and demonstrated our respect beautifully making our teachers very proud! We completed our week with a walk to the community centre to view the memorial there, inspired by Lily and her walk at the weekend. Across the week we viewed segments of the CBeebies Poppies animation and worked together to 'collect' words to describe key moments (with the help of Wendel the Word Monster) and to create sentences to retell the story. They are proudly displayed upon our windows amongst our 'poppy meadow'. It is a beautiful animation that you may wish to share at home as a family.


The pumpkins just keep giving and giving ...

We have talked about the concept of hibernation and what it means and how difficult it is for animals who do not hibernate to find food at this time of year. We used the remaining pumpkins and some fruit and seeds to create feeders for the birds and animals that may frequent our woods. Talking about the best possible position for the feeders the children set out to place each of our feeders carefully. We have checked each week since and have noticed that someone or something has been eating them.

Introducing Wendel the Word Monster

In Owls Class we love words! Young children need to be exposed to a rich and varied vocabulary in order to develop their reading and writing skills. We have recently begun to use THE NINE FANTASTICs to support us in our reading and writing. Each of the nine have a picture symbol that focusses our minds on the type of words that we choose to describe a character, an action, a feeling, how something feels, looks, sounds or tastes and so on. It is also about choosing words to describe something from a positive or negative standpoint. It is about being as specific as we can be. Our word monster Wendel helps us to do this. He collects words in his sock and is happy to share them with us. The children share their ideas and then Wendel offers some of his own too smiley We discuss the words that Wendel offers us and then compare them to ours, writing a sentence or two using the word together. The children are encouraged to 'have a go' at writing something and in time as their skills develop will be able to write their own sentences inspired by our work as a team. Word collecting is a key element of The Write Stuff approach which is used throughout the school to support the development of our young people's writing. You may wish to take a look at the document and image below which provides a little more information of what it looks like in Owls Class.

Our fun with pumpkins continue ...

Our fun continues with pumpkins this term with an attempt at making pumpkin cake! The children gave it mixed reviews with Aydin telling us "that cupcake was gross and too salty!" (no salt was added interestingly) whereas Bella thought it tasted like chocolate (sadly no chocolate was added either). Personally I think it needed a little bit more spice to add to the taste. Maybe next time Owls laugh

Autumn Term 1



‘Marvellous Me’


Bring your ‘Marvellous Me’ bag into school having chosen 1 or 2 objects and/or photographs that are special to you to share with us all. You can even decorate your bag! We will then 'hang' them on our 'Tree of Marvellous Me' for everyone to see blush Don't forget to share with us your 'Only One You' stone, your Worry Doll and/or your pictures, photos or videos connected to what you might like to be when you grow up too.


Ms Hayward, Miss Bright, Ms Carmody and Miss Bedlington are looking forward to getting to know you all. We hope to share with you what you like (and don’t like), what you are good at and what you might like help with, all the things that make you special! Perhaps you might like to share how you celebrate special occasions with your family, if you have brothers and sisters and how many pets you have or what you do when you are not at school?! We can't wait!


This year will be full of challenges for you to master, some as an individual, others as a team. Right from the beginning you will be expected to attempt to do things for yourself, growing in independence as the year progresses. We are looking forward to watching how you master new skills and enhance existing ones. There is nothing that you cannot do ... you simply cannot do it 'yet'! We will be on hand to support and encourage you to 'do your best' and 'keep on trying'.


Together this term we will explore what our school rules Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe look and feel like and how this translates into life in our classroom. What does being a fantastic Owl look like? How should we be with the people around us? How should we use the resources on offer in our learning environment and how can we look after them and keep our learning spaces clean, tidy and safe for ourselves and others?


Sharing stories and singing songs together will play an important part in your learning and in this term especially so ... let us know your favourites and we can share them together! There will be plenty of opportunities for you to make and build things, draw and paint pictures, perform shows, run, climb and balance, share a good book, 'get messy' ... and just be you!


Are you ready Owls? Let's go and see where the journey takes us!




All the fun of Owls Class ...

Our first term has been a whirlwind of activity with the children rising to the challenge of Owls Class splendidly. We have been doing our version of the 'daily mile' ... not quite daily and we are building up to 4 laps of our track with the majority of us achieving 3 laps each time we do it. It is a test of our resilience and 'can do' attitudes. I am pleased to say that the children are both determined for themselves and supportive of each other. We have been out and about exploring the school environment looking for interesting things to put in our bags and talk about ... some of things were a little too large for our bags no matter how hard we tried to fit them in. We have talked about the different trees we have seen and discovered lots of acorns (learning that acorns come from the 'acorn tree' or oak tree). We decided to hide them like the squirrels do and were amazed to find that they had disappeared on our return laugh There has been portrait drawing where upon we talked about what we looked like ...  the colour of our eyes, hair and skin ... some of us still insisted on using blue for our face! It is lovely to see lots of emerging mark making and writing skills along with some beautiful singing and dancing. Not forgetting some rather marvellous sharing of our 'Marvellous Me' bags, all of which are now 'hanging' proudly on our 'Tree of Marvellous Me'.
Our excursions to the woods have been magical, made all the more exciting by the creations of Mrs Scarvaci, Mrs Bowden and Ms Carmody. The children are taking full advantage of all the hidey holes they find, using their imagination to the maximum. We have been sold 'icecream' from the 'ice-cream parlour' and made 'soup and cake' in the 'woodland kitchen'. We have also been treated to 'shows' on the 'woodland stage' too. There has been so much evidence of 'keeping on trying' ... 'never giving up' ... 'doing our best' ... during our sessions on a Wednesday. It is delightful to see the growing confidence and willingness to 'have a go' in our children. They are superstars! I do wonder though how the children think that I can follow them through the tiniest of gaps in the undergrowth ... as much as I want to display a 'can do' attitude myself I really do feel we need to work on your spatial awareness and sense of size Owls wink
The foundation of maths is the skill of noticing ... identifying what is different and what is the same ... matching, sorting and pattern making. A wealth of opportunities have been provided throughout the day for the children to develop their skills. The most powerful of these are when children choose to engage with an opportunity voluntarily. Our more formal maths sessions are developing well and the children are responding positively. They are encouraged to justify (reason) why they think something and all responses are celebrated and explored. If we find that something hasn't quite worked then we pull together as a team to 'fix' it to create an atmosphere of success and understanding for all. Most recently we have begun to explore numbers and develop our 'number sense'. On returning to the classroom having set the children a 'Wonderful 1 Challenge' I was greeted with a sea of 'one' things ... drawings and collections of objects ... around the base of my chair. Superb job Owls!
How I love the season of autumn and all that it offers us. The changes in our environment are so much more noticeable and this is something that we have used to our advantage in Owls Class and will continue to do so in the early part of next term. We have sorted and described leaves, conkers, acorns and seed heads. Explored pumpkins, talking about weight, size, shape and colour. One 'smashed' open and revealed it 'guts' as the children informed me. We talked about the potential of each seed and some of us planted them. I wonder, will be successful?! Once planted I challenged our boys to write a label ... just look at their fantastic attempts using their developing phonics skills smiley Our green stripy 'pumpkin' inspired a story to be written and acted out called 'The Runaway Pumpkin'. There is so much more to be considered after half term ... do bigger pumpkins have more seeds than smaller pumpkins? what can we make with pumpkins? and so much more. Our classroom became a little bit spooky with a spider moving into the book corner having made a 'wonderful web'. The children do not know it yet but this will become a 'wonderful word web' for us to 'catch' our words that we 'collect' in. Some of us practised 'catching' spiders from the sticky web without even realising they were developing their fine motor control. We cannot forget our spooky trail either, How fantastic we all looked!! (Photos to follow)

A little reminder for the grown-ups!


Punctuality & Arrival & Departure - Please remember that children are expected to arrive at school promptly, during this current period this is even more important to keep us all safe and sound. Children will be expected to arrive for the start of our day at 8.30am. Please stick to the one way system as detailed in the letters sent to you and keep the flow of traffic moving as much as possible. We will greet you outside of the classroom and will be on hand to support your child to enter the classroom without you. Please support your child through this point in their day as smoothly as possible (we know that this may well be tricky for some of us ... adults and children alike!)  Likewise please ensure that you arrive promptly to collect your child at the end of the day at 3.05pm. 


Water Bottles - Learning is thirsty work! To make sure all children are kept hydrated and ready to learn, your child must have a named water bottle to bring into class. Facilities are available to refill bottles in the classroom during the day. Please only fill your child's bottle with water. Thank you. Children are also entitled to a drink of milk up to and including their 5th birthday. There is the option to purchase milk after your child turns 5 should you wish to (See Autumn Newsletter for further information).


Afternoon Snack - Learning can be hungry work too! Please provide a healthy snack of fruit or raw vegetables for your child in a clearly named box or bag. Your child will be provided with a snack during the morning.


Welly Wednesday - Your child has free access throughout the week to the outdoor learning environment during the school day. On Wednesdays we take this further still, taking our learning completely outside whatever the weather. With this in mind we ask that your child has a pair of named welly boots in school or an alternative pair of shoes. Things can and do get messy!! 


PE Kits - For the forseeable future children will be expected to attend school in their PE kits on their allotted day and stay in their kit all day. Our planned PE slot is Friday afternoon. We will be taking our lesson outside so please ensure that the children are dressed for the cold weather with sensible footwear. Thank you.


Class Fund - Each term we ask for a small contribution of £2. This enables us to purchase additional resources to support your child's learning, an example of which might be baking ingredients and specific arts and crafts materials. Thank you in advance for your support. Please make your payment either via your online sQuid account under 'school fund donations' or place the cash in a named envelope and pass to a member of the class team. Some families choose to pay termly whilst others pay for the whole year (£12). We are incredibly grateful to those of you who contribute in this way it is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Useful Websites & Documents

A useful document for all adults supporting children in their learning. It details typical development of children and includes suggestions of how children can be supported in their learning in everyday situations.


Physical Development

Indoor activities that can be adapted to suit you and your family that support gross and fine motor skills and problem solving. However do not feel you need to stay indoors ... take the idea and move outside for some fun and laughter in the fresh air laugh



**NEW 16.09.2020**

Mr Mc's Rhymes and Songs QR Codes. Have fun singing some familiar and new songs.

Supporting the development of phonics. At Woodlands Park we follow the Read Write Inc. (RWI) phonics programme which refer to 'sets of sounds'. For the purpose of using this resource Phase 2 - 5 activities are compatible to those sounds that the majority of children in Owls Class will eventually be working on as we move through our year together. Free activities and subscription activities available.

Decodable comics. Compatible with the RWI Set 1- 3 sounds the children have been learning. Printable comic templates to make your own comics too.

A treasure trove of stories and rhymes, colouring and interactive games. Follow a story or watch a story it is up to you. Book Trust also provide signed stories too.

A resource bank of games and activities that support children in the development of their phonics knowledge and skills. As we progress through the year children in Owls Class will be developing their skills across the equivalent of Phase 2 - 5.

A wealth of reading, writing and maths learning activities. Free e-books are available to share here.

Use your Reading Eggs log in to access reading activities.

Tricky Word (Red Word) Song clip. A tricky word or a Read Write Inc. red word cannot be sounded out and needs to be recognised on sight. The use of this clip to support this has been a sure-fire hit with Owls Class historically and we do not see any reason for this not to be the same this year smiley



A range of games and activities to be accessed particularly good for maths. Well-loved in our classroom.

Mr Mc’s counting in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Fun engaging clip of counting.

A wealth of reading, writing and maths learning activities.


Understanding the World

Woodland Trust activities and resources to support a love and understanding of our natural world. Access a wide range of activities and resources via the ACTIVITIES section. A whole range of 'spotter' sheets are provided. I particularly like the look of the Seasons and festivals section and think we can make use of some of the suggestions this year. During Autumn we could make a 'Leaf Face or  a Muddy Smile', when Winter arrives maybe we can turn our attention to a spot of 'Ice Art' or 'Woodland Windchime' making. As the warmer weather arrives we may pretend to birds and 'Build a giant nest' in Spring and perhaps go on a 'Sound Safari' or make a 'Twig Raft' in Summer. Who knows?! How will you explore at home?!

‘50 things to do before you are 11 ¾’ Lots of fun suggestions to do outside and make memories with, many of which do not cost a penny … make a daisy chain … go on a bug hunt … roll down a hill.


Expressive Arts & Design

A world of creative ideas for all the family to enjoy.

Full of ideas to be creative and have fun.




Daily phonics sessions begin later in the Autumn Term with the learning of Read Write Inc Set 1 Speed Sounds, starting with short sessions that eventually lengthen to 45 minutes in length. Alongside this, we will work to develop our communication and language skills to support us during these sessions. This will include our ability to identify sounds that we hear in our environment, the sounds we can hear in words as well as rhyming words in stories and lots more.


To develop phonics skills effectively children benefit from learning the sounds in a methodical way through focussed sessions in school and by being reinforced at home. We would welcome your support. It is expected that you practise at home for 5 minutes each day. Please refer to your child’s communication diary for the sounds of the week as appropriate.


To support your child at home you may find Ruth Miskin’s website useful where you will find helpful resources including short video clips to support you (see link below).


This is the order we learn our sounds in ~


Read Write Inc Speed Sounds Set 1:

1.1 m a s d t

1.2  i n p g o

1.3 c k u b

1.4 f e l h

1.5 r j v y w

1.6 z x sh ch qu ng nk


Read Write Inc Speed Sounds Set 2:

ay - May I play?

ee - What can you see?

igh - Fly high

ow - Blow the snow

oo - Poo at the zoo

oo - Look at a book

ar - Start the car

or - Shut the door

air - That's not fair

ir - Whirl and twirl

ou - Shout it out

oy - Toy for a boy


Read Write Inc Speed Sounds Set 3:

ea - Cup of tea

oi - Spoil the boy

a-e - Make a cake

i-e - Nice smile

o-e - Phone home

u-e - Huge brute

aw - Yawn at dawn

are - Care and share

ur - Nurse with a purse

er- A better letter

ow - Brown cow

ai - Snail in the rain

oa - Goat in a boat

ew - Chew the stew

ire - Fire fire

ear - Hear with your ear

ure - Sure it's pure?

tion - celebration

tious/cious - scrumptious/delicious


Read Write Inc Additional Speed Sounds:

ue - Come to the rescue

ie - Terrible tie

au - Paul the astronaut

e-e - Pete and Steve

kn - Knock, knock, who's there?

ck - Tick tock clock

wh - Whisk whisk

ph - Take a photo


If you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us via your child's communication diary and/or the class email address.

In place of the Phonics Information Session that we would normally offer in school we have created a document complete with voiceover to provide you with a flavour of phonics in the Early Years. Please do take a look. Part One sets the scene for what phonics is and what it looks like in Owls Class. Part Two is concerned with the sounds we teach and in what order along with a little bit more about the process. Part Three concerns itself with the reading and writing expectations for our little people during their Reception year.

It is time for a story .... 

take your pick from the story videos below and sit back, snuggle up and escape into the world of books smiley (Password Reception2020)