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Parent/Carer Testimonials

"I love Woodlands Park. The children's relationships with their teachers, headteachers, even the office team and cooks, is lovely to see. My eldest is now in Yr8 and she still misses her old teachers. She often meets me at school when I pick her sister up and speaks to all her old teachers, and they always seem genuinely pleased to see her and find out how she is doing at secondary school. My youngest is in Yr2 at WP, she is doing brilliantly despite the disjointed year all the children have had. I love that it's a smaller school and only one class per year group. All of the class are friends, all the way through primary. It has a lovely community feel; the headteacher team create a good bond with families. They are really easily to speak to if you have any questions or concerns. Other things that have already been mentioned.. swimming pool, woodland area, allotments, chickens! I honestly can't recommend Woodlands Park school enough. You will see exactly what we all mean when you look around; you just feel it. You have some excellent teachers at WP, but a special mention should go to Mr Affleck. The confidence, and interest in new topics he gave my eldest daughter was lovely to see. She still says he was the best teacher she's ever had 2 years on. I really hope he is still at the school when my youngest goes into Yr6."

"The school is doing a really great job in supporting and creating young people. The staff are amazing and very passionate and inspiring. I am glad my son is a happy pupil in this school."

"I am humbled and proud to tell people my son goes to this school, he's thrived and grown in confidence since attending in nursery up to now. He's achieved so much and given the recent covid events they've gone above and beyond for all the parents and children and we can't thank them enough its a truly amazing school with incredible staff."

"My son join woodlands park shortly after his 4th birthday. We have had some hurdles but I cannot fault the staff at the school. A special shout out to Ms Hayward. It doesn’t matter how busy or short notice you give her she will always make time to talk to you either face to face or via a meeting on zoom. The school is a little hidden Gem and has come so far in ensuring each student is treated fairly and give the respect that little people deserve. We love this school!"

"My daughter has come so far since joining Woodlands Park School. Even with the pandemic, the teachers have been able to support her development and really understand her. She went from not being able to read anything other than her own name, to now being able to read books and write sentences. She adores her teachers and friends and has become a very happy and confident little girl."

"Woodlands park is a lovely small school. The thing that drew us to this school is the personality of the school and community. One size does not fit all and each child is treated as an individual the staff go above and beyond to help children reach their potential."

"We enjoy the family atmosphere at Woodlands Park where the children know others from across the years. Teachers have taken the time to comment on character and not just attainment. A kind school, with a caring heart."

"Woody P school is a very happy cheerful place and they take great pride in the school to make sure everything is safe for the children and all the teachers are always so bubbly and cheerful which makes the children enjoy their day at school."

"My two Grandaughters have loved Woodlands Park, or Woody P as we affectionally call it, as so do the staff. Eldest Grandaughter has since left for secondary but adored her years there right from Nursery to her very last day in year 6. Youngest Grandaughter is absolutely loving it there and can't wait to get to school in the mornings. A friendly little school with kind and attentive staff from the school cook, through to the teachers, head teacher and office staff, just like a big family. The school incorporates veggies within the lunch menus that the children grow in the garden and chickens are looked after within the school grounds too by the children which is lovely. The school has a forest area which the children love, a double Decker bus that is used as a library and fun reading/quiet area. A swimming pool is also available during the warmer weather. All in all, Woody P is lovely." 

"My daughter joined Woody P in the nursery and has been at the school since she was two and a half. My daughter finishes year 6 this summer and is upset to be moving on. She has enjoyed her time at Woody P and has achieved so much in her education. She has been given a great start to her future that’s for sure!"

"I moved 2 of my sons there last year and it was the best move I made. It's a lovely little school lovely staff. :-)"

"We chose the school because we felt respect and care for our child's individual needs and our opinion as parents. This has been proven further throughout these 2 years that our child has been at WP. Thank you!"

"One class per year which is lovely. They have a swimming pool, library bus, woodland area and really encourage the kids to be outdoors. The teachers are really kind and encouraging. My daughters are really happy there."

"I have 5 children, 1 went through Woodlands park and now at senior school and I have 4 still there, lovely small school, the smaller classes suit my children, all teachers are lovely, the reception class teacher is especially amazing!!

Great pastoral care, swimming pool, school library bus, they have their own school cook so aren't part of the Caterlink and follows their own menu, they use produce that the children have helped to grow in the allotment, lovely woodland area, great all round school."

"I have been part of the Woody P community for many years even before I had my own children, I used to help my mother take the children she looked after to Woodlands park. I have always been made to feel welcome all the staff and children are very friendly, kind and caring. It's like being part of a huge family and my two daughters absolutely love, loved being there."