Severe Weather Procedures

Winter is upon us and the weather is unpredictable as always.  With this in mind we would like to inform you of arrangements at Woodlands Park School in the likelihood of a significant snow event. We are very aware of the impact that closing a school can have on the community and we will always endeavour to keep the school open.  However, this is dependent on ensuring that we can provide a minimum coverage of staff and that we can ensure the site is safe for pupils, staff and parents.  Unfortunately we cannot react to the situation until it occurs. Therefore, we will inform you whether the school is open or closed on the morning via three sources:

ParentMail Text

School Website

RBWM Website


We will also be informing local radio stations - Heart Thames (Previously known as 210 FM) and BBC Radio Berkshire.

If the school is open and there is heavy snow, please ensure that children come to school suitably dressed. Please make sure the children have a change of footwear for outside and possibly a spare pair of socks as well as waterproof boots, hat, scarf, gloves etc. 

Site Clearance:  Where the situation arises we may call on parent/community volunteers to come and help us clear the site in order to keep the school open.  We would be extremely grateful if  as many people as possible could come along with their own shovels to help out.  We will inform parents on the day via the school website if this is necessary.