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We are really excited about seeing children in Years 1-6 on Thursday 3rd September. Key Stage One enter through the side pedestrian gate and Key Stage Two through the vehicle gates and onto the field.

Welcome to Woodlands Park Primary & Nursery School

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Children will be doing PE outside on Wednesday and Friday.  On these days they should wear their PE kit to school, not their school uniform.  It is important that all the children have the correct PE kit, including outdoor kit which should consist of black jogging bottoms and sweatshirt/hoodie (does not have to have the school logo on). They should also have trainers in order to be able to take part in PE properly.  


Our Tag Rugby sessions will be taught by Mr N. Baker, MNR Coaching and will focus on how to hold, pass and catch a rugby ball and understand some of the rules of the game, including how a pass can only be made backwards. If your child enjoys playing tag rugby, why not try and engage their interest further? You can watch free England Rugby Skills Videos here.


The real PE sessions will be taught by Mrs Powell and will focus on 2 aspects: Coordination and Ball Skills (keep the ball moving and away from your body; keep your head up, looking forward; concentrate on performing the movements smoothly to begin with and then gradually increase their speed) and Agility and Reaction / Response (react and move early so it gives you time to get balanced; start quickly and accelerate by pushing off hard with your feet; extend your front leg across your body and bend your knees to enable you to stop quickly and get into a balanced position).