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Phonics Scheme

At Woodlands Park Primary and Nursery School, we use the Read, Write Inc Phonics Scheme.  In the nursery, the children use Letters and Sounds to develop a basic knowledge of graphemes and phonemes.  Once they start in the Reception Class, they begin to take part in more formal Phonics, Reading and Writing sessions.  We follow the Ruth Miskin Read,Write, Inc Scheme (RWI) which we have found to be very successful in giving the children an excellent grounding not only in reading but spelling and grammar too.  Our Phonics Screening Check Results and progress scores for Key Stage One reading and writing demonstrate the success of this approach.


All children in Reception, Year One and Year Two are assessed regularly against the RWI assessment criteria and are grouped according to their level of understanding and development.  They are then taught in groups which reflect their levels. This means that they may work with children in their own year group or work with children in a higher or lower year group.  The teachers have overall responsibility for the planning and assessment of the children's work but the sessions are delivered by a combination of teachers and specially trained Teaching and Learning Assistants (TLAs).  The children are assessed regularly and the groups remain fluid based on the children's progress and attainment.


We aim to ensure all children have completed the programme by the end of Year One.  Once the children have completed the programme, they will move onto similarly structured English lessons based around a text.


For more information on the Ruth Miskin Read, Write, Inc programme please follow the link below: