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* END OF TERM... Wednesday 21st July at 2pm for all- please note, no staggered finish times *

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This Term's Puzzle Piece is Changing Me

The children will be working through the following lessons:

1.Unique Me - understanding personal characteristics come from both my birth parents and that I am unique.

2. Having a Baby - Understand the responsibilities there are in parenthood and the joy it can bring. Understand having a baby is a personal choice.

3. Girls' Puberty Changes: Understand how a girl's body changes in order for her to have a baby when she is an adult.

4. Circles of Change: Knowing how the circle of change works and how we can apply it to changes we want to make in our lives. Being confident enough to try to make changes which will benefit me.

5. Accepting Change: Understanding that changes may be out of our control and accept the changes. Express fears and concerns about changes that are outside of our control and know how to manage feelings positively.

Looking Ahead: Think about what we are looking forward to when we move to a new class. Reflect on the changes we would like to make next year and describe how we can go about this.