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* END OF TERM... Wednesday 21st July at 2pm for all- please note, no staggered finish times *

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This Term's Puzzle Piece is Changing Me:

1. How Babies Grow - understand that animals and humans change a great deal from birth to fully grown and that it is usually the female who has the baby.

2. Babies - understand how babies grow and develop in the mother's uterus and what a baby needs to live and grow.

3. Outside Body - understand that boys' and girls' bodies change on the outside during this growing up process.

4. Inside Body Changes: Understand how boys' and girls' bodies change on the inside during the growing up process.

5. Family Stereotypes: Understand stereotypical ideas I might have about parenting and families.

6. Looking Ahead: Identify what I am looking forward to when I move to my next class.