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Read Write Inc. Phonics


In Reception (Owls Class) we use Ruth Miskin's Read Write Inc. Phonics Programme to underpin the development of our children's phonics skills. Daily phonics sessions begin later in the Autumn Term with the learning of Read Write Inc Set 1 Speed Sounds, starting with short sessions that eventually lengthen to 45 minutes in length. Within each lesson our children are initially provided with opportunities to hear and say letter sounds, say the corresponding sound to the written letter that they see and 'have a go' at writing the letter too. As the year progresses, and as they acquire the appropriate skills, our children are encouraged to read simple words that can be broken down (segmented) into their component sounds (GREEN WORDS) and blended back together as a whole word (we call this FRED TALK) as well as learn words that cannot be segmented and we call these words RED WORDS.  Alongside this, we will continue to work to develop our communication and language skills to support us during these sessions. This will include our ability to identify sounds that we hear in our environment, the sounds we can hear in words as well as rhyming words in stories and lots more.


To develop phonics skills effectively our children benefit from learning the sounds in a methodical way through focussed sessions in school and by being reinforced at home. We would welcome your support in this. It is expected that you practise at home for 5 minutes each day. We learn our sounds in a particular order. Please refer to our weekly message on Tapestry for our sounds and red words of the week as appropriate.


Once we have begun our Read Write Inc. sessions this is the order we will learn our sounds in ~


Read Write Inc Speed Sounds Set 1:

By the end of our Reception year all children will have been exposed to all Set 1 Sounds.

1.1. m a s d t

1.2.  i n p g o

1.3. c k u b

1.4. f e l h

1.5. r j v y w

1.6. z x sh th ch qu ng nk


Read Write Inc Speed Sounds Set 2:

By the end of our Reception year most of our children will have been exposed to Set 2 Sounds.

ay - May I play?

ee - What can you see?

igh - Fly high

ow - Blow the snow

oo - Poo at the zoo

oo - Look at a book

ar - Start the car

or - Shut the door

air - That's not fair

ir - Whirl and twirl

ou - Shout it out

oy - Toy for a boy


Read Write Inc Speed Sounds Set 3 :

These sounds are not usually formally taught in Reception but there are times they naturally occur in words that are being modelled or used so we therefore will talk about them during these moments.

ea - Cup of tea

oi - Spoil the boy

a-e - Make a cake

i-e - Nice smile

o-e - Phone home

u-e - Huge brute

aw - Yawn at dawn

are - Care and share

ur - Nurse with a purse

er - A better letter

ow - Brown cow

ai - Snail in the rain

oa - Goat in a boat

ew - Chew the stew

ire - Fire fire

ear - Hear with your ear

ure - Sure it's pure?

tion - celebration

tious/cious - scrumptious/delicious


Read Write Inc Additional Speed Sounds:

Again these sounds are not usually explicitly taught during our Reception year.

ue - Come to the rescue

ie - Terrible tie

au - Paul the astronaut

e-e - Pete and Steve

kn - Knock, knock, who's there?

ck - Tick tock clock

wh - Whisk whisk

ph - Take a photo


If you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us, speak to us in person or use our class email address 

The links below will take you, in the first instance, to Ruth Miskin's website which is full of tips, ideas and information. Some of it will be applicable at the beginning of our children's time in Reception whilst other pieces of information will become more useful as they progress. There is a useful video detailing how to pronounce the sounds each letter makes. Initially the emphasis is on letter sound and not letter name. The 'tricky word' videos have been a firm favourite with Owls Class and we apologise in advance as the song does have a habit of getting under your skin laugh Click the USEFUL LINKS BUTTON at the bottom of the page to find suggested websites and resources that you can use to support your phonics, reading and writing development.

Parent video: How to say the sounds

The pronunciation of each letter sound is very important to ensure that when our children are ready to blend sounds together they are in the best place to do so.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

We use this video in Owls Class to support our development of many of our Red Words. They are called 'tricky' because they cannot be segmented and blended ... we simply need to recognise them on sight!

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song

More 'tricky words' to practise ... don't let them trick you!