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Wednesday 26th February Foxes Class Asssembly 9am

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Year 4



 Woodpecker Class Page Autumn Term 2 -  November  to December 2019


Class Teacher Miss du Preez  


Autumn Term curriculum news  


European Neighbours

 of Europe

     We will go on a trip across the English Channel to discover the continent of Europe! Not only will we discover fascinating facts about Europe, but we will also find out the names, locations and features of European countries and cities.



 Story writing and then a newspaper report for ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’



Spelling, punctuation and grammar

Vocabulary building, spelling, and handwriting will also be a focus. Each child will

need to learn the Year 4 statutory spellings see list attached at the bottom of this page.





We are developing our fluency, reasoning and problem solving in the following

Number and place value, Mental and written addition and subtraction, Mental and written multiplication

and division and algebra, Ratio and proportion, Measurement, Decimals, Fractions, Percentages and their

equivalence to fractions and Statistics. We will also be looking at geometry and properties of shapes.


  States of Matter



 These lessons are the perfect way to learn about the differences between solids,

liquids and gases, and how different materials can change state. We will undertake

practical experiments to understand the processes of evaporation and condensation,

and the water cycle, as well as having the change to express

our understanding in a variety of ways


Directing a ball into a net or onto a wall



                                          Outdoor maps and symbol trails




This term our music is based on

Five Gold Rings

We will make expressive use of vocal and instrumental possibilities

to create and structure compositions in groups and share these.



We will go travel back to Bethlehem and discover the details behind the Christmas Story


Art in Nature

This term we will be looking at

Andy Goldsworthy

We will have the opportunity to record our observations and

develop our techniques in drawing, painting and sculpture with

a range of materials like pencil, charcoal, paint and clay.



Seasonal Food






Please try to be at school for 8.40 am so that we can register and complete lunches on time

each day. We do interventions during Assemblies please insure that your child is here in

time as I wouldn't want them missing out!

Please' can I remind you that if your child is not in school before 8:50 am they will be registered with a late mark. If they arrive after 9am this will be recorded as an

absence for the whole morning. 



Each term we ask for a small voluntary contribution of £2. This goes towards extra

resources, such as ingredients for cooking and arts and crafts. As we are now a

cashless school, this will need to be paid via Squid.





Everybody needs to have a full (and clearly labelled) PE kit in school all week.

Please' could children have a pair of jogging bottoms and shorts in their bag?

We do one session of PE inside and one session outside. Labelling uniform

and kit with a biro is not sufficient as it very quickly wears or washes off. 

Our PE slots should be the same each week; however these do sometimes change,

so please ensure that they are in school each day of the week.



Remember that you are allowed to bring in a healthy snack for break times.

This could be a piece of fruit or vegetables.





Please make sure you each have a water bottle so that you can regularly

top it up with fresh water. Also, as many single used plastics are band,

why not invest in a water bottle?


Do you have any questions?


If you have any questions on the topics or the

National Curriculum objectives for Year 4

please do come in and speak to me and I will be happy

to have a discussion with you.



Year spelling words